Friday, March 18, 2011

La Vida Lanka Updates!

I’m happy to announce 2 new cool additions to Livin’ La Vida Lanka!

One may not be too new but you may now get Livin’ La Vida Lanka straight to your mailbox!  It’s the easiest way to get updated on Mrs. O’s adventures and misadventures in La Lanka.  It’s easy as entering your e-mail address and clicking on the Subscribe button.  And before you know it, La Vida Lanka is in your mailbox!

Second, you may not only share a post you can also share the whole Blog! Click on your social media of choice and you’re off doing a good deed and spreading the word. 

Also, I invite you to join me in continuing my journey through the land of tea and cricket.  Tell me what you think and Comment!  And don’t forget to following Livin’ The Liva Lanka.  As they say, the more Comments and Followers, the merrier!

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