Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mama La Vida Lanka: Another Note on Morning Sickness

I came across this article on on the World’s Worst Morning Sickness.  I wouldn’t say the author and I were on exactly the same boat but it was one of the most physically demanding experiences I have to endure (hopefully soon this will be in the past).  I contort myself in yoga and sometimes even defy gravity yet it’s not the same to have my head turned upside down puking all over the toilet.  I know I can physically push myself when I got into running but I’ve never been this spent throwing my guts out with no definite end in sight.

A New Pre-Natal Yoga Pose? Photo courtesy of
In my pregnancy, I’ve encountered people who do not have any idea that morning sickness is really rooted in physiology – and nothing psychological.  It’ NOT in the mind people!  I didn’t have this bad an experience, but it came close (I had a couple of trips to the hospital and one had to be rehydrated with an IV plus the suppository medicine I had to take home!).  It really lead me to feel oh so blue (more on this later) and had the usual question “why God, why me?”      

I do not wish to scare away moms-to-be or those planning to have another baby.  As any parent would say, the joys of parenthood are endless.  And everytime I see the scan and know that baby is developing well, all the hormonal imbalance is worth it.  But hopefully this will help people understand what at least 60,000 women a year experience.  And never ever tell a pregnant woman that it’s just all in the mind.

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