Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Galle Take Two!

Galle is starting to be my favorite place in Sri Lanka!  One, it is super near Colombo and a good leisurely ride through the new SCTEX-ish kind of highway.  Two, because it is so entrenched in history and art.  Third, because it reminds me of Intramuros! 

Since B, our friend from work who used to work closely with hubby in Manila and who was my Miriam friend and a classmate in Grade 7 (we obviously go a long way back!), is in Sri Lanka it was another opportunity to head down south to Galle. 

We had lunch at Galle Fort Hotel – a nice boutique hotel inside the Galle Fort along the same street as Amangalla.  I was feeling Sri Lankan so I ordered the special of the day, Curry Crab.  It was super yummy!  Their homemade sorbet was really good too!  B and I were happy with our Coconut Lychee Sorbet.

Entering the Pool / Dining Area

My Curry Crab! YUM! More rice please!

Iced Tea + Lemongrass = Another Yum!

Trojan Horse?

Pathway to one of the Suites

Somewhere in Time?

After a leisurely lunch, we met up with Juliet at the Serendipity Café.  When we took C to Galle, we were supposed to take the Walking Tour by Juliet Coombe (I chanced upon her details in Lonely Planet Sri Lanka!), unfortunately during that time she was in Colombo.  This time we were luckier!  

B by the entrance of Serendipity Cafe

Our Little Trooper: Luna Lakwatsera is Ready!

Leyn Baan Street

She took us around Galle Fort with her “Secrets” walking tour – basically going around showing you nooks and crannies you wouldn’t even notice had you gone on your own.

The Mustache is Dutch (if I remember correctly)

The Lace is Brit

The Walls are the Sea - see that seashell???

Antique Shopping!

A Very Phallic Mortar and Pestle

A Very British Post Box 
Lost your Religion? Maybe it's just on the Banyan Tree?

What's Sri Lanka without Cricket?

Street Sign: Sinhala, English, Tamil

Street-side Fortune Teller

The first house

Back Entrance of Serendipity Cafe

Seashells on The Wall: Who is the Prettiest of All?

Kids! Enter Here!!!

Sri Lankan Masks + Other Stuff to Ward Off Evil!

Janaka De Silva's Art Shop

Juliet's Office

I highly recommend going around Galle Fort with Juliet!  She knows sooo much about the place.  B even mentioned she can actually run for Mayor as she practically knows everyone. 

Even Luna Lakwatsera is Engaged! Good Job Juliet!

Signed by the Author AND Publisher.  Cool!

Satisfied Customers.

Happy Family!

Juliet also owns the Sri Serendipity Publishing House and B and I bought books and had them signed by the author AND publisher! How cool is that?

We are definitely going back to Galle, this time we will try the Arts Tour AND the Food Tour!!!  Plus this time I will definitely buy my Sri Lankan Art (List La Vida Lanka #16!).  Super excited to go back!!!

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