Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mama La Vida Lanka: Morning Sickness No La Vida Lanka :-(

One of the most painful parts of being pregnant is morning sickness.  It does not affect all, but once it strikes you, you know you are one of the unlucky ones.  I am one of the unlucky ones.  My sense of smell is so heightened (I even asked hubby to stop wearing his perfume for a while), I couldn’t even go to the kitchen and cook (waaah!) and I can’t go in the canteen at work while everyone is eating, hubby and I have to eat ahead (aside from being hungry by 12nn on the dot).  I have also found solace in two places at work, the bathroom and the sickroom.  It is where I spend most of my days.  And I have started stocking up on barf bags in my bag just in case I won’t make it to the nearest toilet.  I have reached my lowest day – one Friday, I was throwing up all day like every 15 minutes.  To make matters worse one of my bestest friends from the Philippines was over plus I had to go to the hospital to rehydrate.  Argh!  Talk about wrong timing! 

My new found bestfriend... (Photo courtesy of trendir.com)
 Three things I hate about morning sickness:

1)   The actual sensation - and it's not just in the morning!  It’s like I couldn’t survive because all the smells here (the food, the people, etc.) don’t agree with me. 
2)   Not being able to eat healthy.  Since nothing is quite agreeable (including water), then I couldn’t take my required 8 glasses of water to do the least.  Then I get all paranoid how Baby will survive with the little amount of nutrition I can take in.  But friends say that somehow nature has it’s way of taking care of Baby.
3)   People telling me it’s all in the mind.  Well, hello?  Why would I want to feel this way? I do not want to wish people ill, but what if people tell you it’s all in the mind when you’re really, really sick?  It’s annoying and makes me really, really mad.  It's interesting though that I've only heard this from guys.  My mommy friends would always ask how I'm feeling with that sympathetic look on their faces.  Yes, they do understand how it feels.

But amidst the pain of it all, I’ve learned quite a few things:

1)   Being the goal-obsessed me, I’ve learned to allow myself to bring down the level of performance I expect of myself and to allow myself to listen to my body and what it needs to do.  Rather than continue to push unnecessarily.
2)   Allow other people to take care of me.  Especially my husband.  We both are left with no choice as I cannot do the same things around the house that I used to.  Not only does he do things, he does them well (hubby just happens to be an awesome in the kitchen!).  I am one lucky wifey.

I still have quite a long way to go (now still on my third month) but I pray everyday that my morning sickness will soon disappear as I start my second trimester.  But until that time, I would just have to fortify myself through this and open myself for the learning that lies ahead.


  1. Here's something for your goal-obsessed self. Women who experience morning sickness (a misnomer, really) have a lower risk of miscarriage and stillborn babies. Apparently, the sickness is due to soaring hormones.

    But please do take care of yourself really well... every 15 mins. is more than a bit much. At this stage, getting almost anything into your tummy is better than nothing. Hang in there.


  2. tala, i empathize!!! its like torture!!! but trust me it'll slowly go away! PROMISE!!! keep yourself as busy and as lovely as you can (though doing this is like conquering mt everest) -- it works wonders!!! try ginger candies, or any candy at that. nuts worked for me. thats all i ate to survive. love you girl! bless you new mommy!!!

  3. Tin! What a consolation! At least there is light at the end of the tunnel! The over vomiting happened in one day lang naman... thank God not everyday!

    Hope all is well with you too :-)

  4. Thanks Jo Ann!!! Haha! I am looking forward to the day that it indeed goes away :-) I miss you!!! Love you sweetie :-)

  5. Gosh sweety! I totally feel for you - as a kid i used to throw up a lot. When I get sad, happy, excited, scared, go on planes, boat and cars so I can sympathize! Gosh I hope it goes away! Who visited you sweety?

    Btw I couldn't find a reasonable ticket for June! Ack.

  6. Oh no! I didn't know you had motion (and emotion) sickness :-( I guess you grew out of it na?

    Karen my former boss was here for work and she extended :-)

    Yeah, it's super expensive coming here :-( Pau's going to Jakarta next week... Did he message you guys already?


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