Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mama La Vida Lanka: Maternity Fashion Stage 1

As soon as my first trimester ended, I realized that I should start preparing my maternity clothing.  During the first trimester, I even lost weight because of my morning sickness.  But as soon as the appetite came back I knew I had to prepare my wardrobe. 

I didn’t have any idea whatsoever so I messaged my mommy friends and asked for their advice. 

Here’s a collection of the wisdom that I got which basically centers around the principle of wear what you have as you still can and buy stuff that you can use post pregnancy.  That's what I call the look for less!

  • Use Cotton Stretch Dresses and tops, Tunic Tops, leggings and drawstring pants.  These can be worn during and after pregnancy!
  • I personally swear by Belly Belts – they are God’s gift to pregnant women on a budget.  I can use most of the pants I have – especially those for work since it’s stretchy (as compared to jeans) but just extending the button and hole by the use of Belly Belts.  I knew about this before I became pregnant and was able to ask my mom to buy me one from the Philippines and send it over through a friend. Lifesaver!
  • They also bought clothes but something that they could still use post-pregnancy.
  • Another school of thought is to buy maternity dresses because it’s more flexible as you grow and the maternity ones will make sure that the seams are the same from front to back.
  • Topshop maternity is a good resource (although it’s only 2 racks in Topshop Ion, Singapore) – I bought maternity pants which I think I would not only use during maternity but even post :-)
  •  Belly Band is another option – it’s like a tube to cover tummy until hip area – I can get to use my regular tops and just look like it’s layered with something. I don’t have this but sounded like really good advice.
  • Long maternity spaghetti straps – which works like the Belly Band for layering.
  • Bra extenders! My gosh I never thought about that!  I was dreading the fact that I need to buy new bras without knowing how it will all "end up" (hoping for a bigger cup size!).  Thank God for Mommy Friends for bringing it up!
  • The best of all is borrowing your friends' old maternity wear (Thanks C for the stuff!)

They said that most of regular clothes can be worn until the 2nd trimester.  Now that I'm nearing the last month of my 2nd trimester, I feel that my regular button-down shirts (and just this morning, even dresses) are counting their days in commission.  The top I’m currently wearing, I’m popping out of it already – to think that it used to be a bit loose and I would wear a belt over it before. 

Cool and Comfy Even With The Belly!
Channeling one of my favorite Celebrity Mommas!
Photo courtesy of huffingtonpost.com

I’m seeing my own sense of fashion changing as well.  At least for work, you will never see me in flats except for dress-down Fridays (unfortunately in Sri Lanka we don’t have “dress down Fridays” where I work, I miss my jeans!), I never wore leggings (too hot!) and most of my loose outfits are worn with a belt over it.  I’m wearing more what I would say chillax outfits even to work.  And it actually feels good!

It’s funny my youngest brother once mentioned right after I got married that I should start dressing up like a “married woman” – whatever that means.  And he can’t tell me to dress up like my mom because my mom dresses up “normally.”  But now, I feel like I’m dressing up like a mom – on the go, comfortable, ready to take on a child on one arm and the world on another.   

Thank you to my college block barkada and FBPhils mommy friends!  You guys are such awesome resource for motherly advice and inspiration :-)  I am lucky to have you, help me make pregnancy away from home a less "lonesome" experience!

Note: After 6 months and a dose of creative inspiration, I've changed the series title from Mommy Diaries to Mama La Vida Lanka :-) 


  1. Hope you have fun dressing up! Hehe. That's one of the things I enjoyed about pregnancy and which I miss. Hehe.

  2. Wow what a comprehensive post of tips for maternity fashion. Will definitely refer to this in the future sweety!

  3. Kim! Haha! Thanks for the tips too :-) I'm not exactly a preggy fashionista but we shouldn't forget to take care of ourselves and our appearance during pregnancy diba? Hehe!

  4. DiploWife! Yes just wanted to share the wisdom :-) You wouldn't find that in "What to Expect" ;-)


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