Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mama La Vida Lanka: Novenas During Pregnancy

One of my very good friends from my previous work, C, shared a couple of Novenas with me.  Prayer is a very powerful part of my life (I know it’s quite unbelievable!) and it has been a refuge for many a difficult days.  In my pregnancy away from home, prayer has helped me be “home” even for just a few minutes.  I would like to share with you 2 Novenas that I pray for the health of baby and a safe delivery. 

Prayer to Saint Raymond Nonnatus
Patron of Childbirth, Children, Falsely Accused People, Fever, Infants, Midwives, Newborn Babies, Obstetricians and Pregnant Women

O Blessed Saint Raymond Nonnatus, so loving to all your devotees, I being last of them all, I am happy to know that through the infinite goodness of God, He has designed to make you a saint, adorned thee with special graces and help, for which I am most thankful.  On the Most Holy Trinity, and you my adorable patron saint, through your merits and those of the blood poured by our Savior Jesus Christ, and through the Immaculate Conception of Mary, I most humbly beg thee, deign to intercede from the most sublime God, protection for the Holy Mother Church, that through your prayers, God’s wrath be taken away, see the progress of true faith, defeat the wrong doctrines, the peace and understanding of all Christians, peace of the whole country and the redemption of the Christian captives.

I am humbly begging you my devoted saint, that you may be my intercessor.  Since for many hours you did not die in the womb of your dead moth and you were successfully delivered from her side, to be the joy of the world, and that my soul may live in grace in this earthly world, may I imitate your life and exemplary holiness, so that when the hour of my death comes, I may detest all evil thoughts and temporary wealth of this world, so that with the burning love for God, my soul may reach heaven and to and together with you and the angels and all the saints, praise God Almighty forever.

Deign to grant me most amiable father the favour I am asking in this novena (mention the request).  I firmly believe most amiable father that you will be my protection since you are merciful to any one imploring thy help.  But if the favour I am asking will not be for the glory of God and the good of my soul, then beg from God that I will be resigned to his Divine Will, so that I may have the peace of soul while I live, till the hour of my death and that I enjoy true happiness in heaven.

Novena to St. Gerard Majella for Awaiting Mothers and Fathers
St. Gerard Majella is the Patron Saint of Motherhood

O everlasting and almighty God, Who, through the operation of the Holy Spirit, prepared the body and soul of the glorious Virgin Mary, Mother of God, to be a worthy dwelling for Thy Son, and Who through the same Holy Spirit, sanctified Saint john the Baptist before his birth; deign to hear the prayer of Thy humble servants.  We implore Thee, through the intercession of St. Gerard to protect me (her), in maternity and to safeguard against the evil spirit the child which Thou hast given us, that by Thy saving hand, he or she may receive Holy Baptism.

Grant also that , having lived as Christians on earth, we may attain to everlasting bliss in heaven.  Through the same Christ our Lord.


Note: After 6 months and a dose of creative inspiration, I've changed the series title from Mommy Diaries to Mama La Vida Lanka :-) 

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