Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sinhala Birth Certificate FTW!

Nothing will ever say that you are born in Sri Lanka but a Sinhala Birth Certificate.  Check it out!

Yes, it is handwritten.

The process of getting it is quite simple.  The hospital will give you the document and information on where to register the birth.  It is not done in the City Hall as it is done in the Philippines but in an “outsourced” “office” (where we went to was more like a house) that takes care of the Registration of Births and Deaths as well as the English Translation.  Took care of the registration and we were able to get the copies a little over 2 weeks after. 

Today, I also had the documents authenticated by the Ministry of External Affairs Consular Services Division as part of the requirements for the Report of Birth to the Philippine Consulate.  Luna had to stay home of course (they were serving 500+ people and I couldn’t risk exposing my lovely daughter to all the germs that could bring!).  The process was again, fairly simple.  The Consular Services is at the Old Board of Investments Building at the Fort (NOT Bonifacio ok! Haha!).  Head straight to the 5th floor to get your form and your number.  They will be calling your number to submit your forms and pay the fee (for foreign nationals, it is Rs. 1,000 per form).  You go back to the waiting area where they will release your authenticated documents.  I got there around 8am and left around 1pm.  Quite long but not bad I must say. 

Some tips, the office opens at 6am – I suggest for you to beat the rush (and the heat) and get there as early as possible.  If you are one of the first ones to arrive, your document (sans any problems of course!) will be released only after 2 hours.  If you get there a bit later, of course it will take more time – like what happened to me.  Not to mention there will be more people which makes the waiting room really, really hot (the A/C can’t handle the crowd).  Moreover, there is a cut-off time of 3pm. 

The process is smooth (I’m impressed actually!) but there’s a lot of waiting time so go with a full batt of your phone/iPad/etc. (my iPhone only had 20% of battery to begin with), a book/magazine and other paraphernalia to while away the time.  No worries with bringing food or drinks as concessionaires are there where you can buy drinks of your choice and some shorteats.

As you know, having your own documents enable you to go on more adventures (uhm, you can’t really travel without a passport for example, right?).  For Luna, as she is not born in her “own” country, the process is a tad bit more tedious.  But the process is turning out to be her mother's (and father's) mini-adventures as well. 

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