Sunday, January 22, 2012

Luna Sleeps Over At The Galle Face Hotel!

daddy and his baby girl at gfh

Early this week we had our apartment fumigated.  We have been seeing a lot (and I mean A LOT) of ants lately!  All the way to the 13th floor.  Crazy!   It would be an impossibility leaving dishes unwashed until the next day without a trail of ants.  These are black ants and I wouldn’t have minded because as they say they “bring money.”  But at the rate there are going, we should have been billionaires!  In black ants currency, eww…  In any case it just got so bad that even red ants have come into our toilet and some parts of our room – crawling over our bed, my closet and Luna’s soiled nappies.  Noooo…  So that made up our minds, fumigation it is!

We have been coexisting with the black ants for a while now and just because it got worse we decided to go for the fumigation.  But it would have been much easier if we just had our home fumigated BEFORE Luna was born.  You see whenever we go out with Luna, we kinda have to bring the “whole” changing table with us.  Now that we had to stay overnight somewhere else, we brought the “whole” house.  Haha!  What more if we’re going on a much longer and father trip, right?

In any case it was a nice opportunity for us to have a sleep over at one of Colombo’s historic hotels.  The Galle Face Hotel faces the Indian Ocean and the Galle Face Green.  It’s colonial and quite lovely really.  The room, well the one we were in was quite a disappointment.  It was small (as in smaller than our bedroom) and it is an adjoining room without (I think) a double door which means we could hear (and smell the room service) of the next room.  Hasslelicious!

Good thing Luna didn’t mind.  Her eyes of wonder are just taking in the view of this new abode and slept through most of it.  What do you expect, she just turned 1 – month.  Hubby and I celebrated with a lovely dinner at 1864 – the hotel’s fine dining resto where hubby took me during my birthday in 2010 (memories!).  The food was awesome and the vibe was too.  With house music in the background, we were lucky Luna continued her early evening sleep.

In the morning, we saw off hubby who went to work and my little moon and I took our usual morning “sun bath” out by the Indian Ocean.  Or rather I lounged on the pool chairs and Luna slept on me.  Mahangin sa labas eh (It's windy outside)!

We then went back to our home sweet (fumigated) home…  Quite uneventful for our baby girl’s first hotel stay but it was nonetheless an Adventure of Luna La Vida Lanka! 


  1. Naks! Lounging by the Indian Ocean! soshyal!
    (ps - i love Hasslelicious! I will use it from now on!)

  2. Naks! Lounging by the Indian Ocean! Soshyal! (and by the way, I love Hasslelicious! I will use it from now on!)

  3. I know right? Indian Ocean FTW! Hahaha!

    I don't remember if it was Pau or me who said "hassleliscious" first haha! Baliw kaming mag-asawa. Go go go hasslelisicious!


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