Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November 3 and Family S

This picture was taken exactly 2 years ago when my family went on a wonderful cruise in the Mediterranean. It was one of the best family trips ever and I will be forever be grateful for that gift of travel and togetherness amidst the world’s most awesome sites and gastronomic delights.  It was the first time for me to celebrate my birthday outside the country.  In 2008 it was under the Tuscan sun. 

Today is the second time I’m celebrating my birthday away from “home.”  But instead of togetherness, Family S for the first time is in 5 different countries (totally apart!) in 3 continents.  Father is working in East Timor, Mother is presenting a study in Lithuania, Bro # 1 is studying in Australia and Bro # 2 is the man of the house in the Philippines.  Thank God for Facebook, it seems like we are not too far apart.

Birthday Dinner at 1864 (Galle Face Hotel)
But in as much as it seems sad to be away from my core family, now it is not too depressing.  Father was right, he said when you marry, it’s different from working or studying abroad.  Things change, priorities change, a lot of other things change.  And for the first time after the wedding I felt like Family S has changed and my place in it.  I will forever be a member of Family S but now I have Family O attached to it.  Family O of Mr. O and Family O of Mr. and Mrs. O.  Today, as I celebrate my birthday in as much as my Family S is not here, my own Family O is complete.  Hubby and I and a very happy birthday livin’ la vida Lanka.

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