Friday, November 26, 2010

Interview with the Housewives # 5: The Real Housewife of Orange County

The first time I got to know this lady during the Rihanna / Chris Brown concert in Manila sometime in November 2008.  My hubby and I were still dating then (oh how time flies!).  She is married to my hubby’s kabarkada.   After that concert, we would always go out.  Eat, drink, sing and be merry – just like what any normal barkada would do.  She was fun to be with (full of energy!), I like her authenticity and amazed at how her whole demeanor would change when she was with her lovely daughter.  Too bad she and her hubby moved to the US.  Like Academic Wife, The Real Housewife of Orange County (TRHOC) joined her hubby in pursuit of his academic dreams.  Which lead her to this so-called-life of being a housewife almost a year and a half now.  Prior to leaving Manila, TRHOC was a trainer/training consultant (for 3 years) and pre-school teacher (for 3 years too).  Here is her (our) story: 

The real housewife of Orange County with daughter H
LLVL: Why / How did you become a housewife?

TRHOC: I became a housewife primarily because my hubby is getting his MBA here in the US and (darned) visa restrictions prevent me from getting a job in this country (not that I haven't been looking, it's just a bit uphill because of the restriction). Also, we can't really get a nanny here so I need to take care of H since she isn't in school full-time just yet.

Editor’s Note:  Note one, H is TRHOC’s (almost) 4 year old lovely daughter.  Note two, why are those visa restrictions so limiting?  I am beginning to think it is one big mess of discrimination for spouses (usually women!) who tag along with their other half who gets the working / student visa!

LLVL:  Do you have any other occupation aside from being a housewife?

TRHOC: My hubby's executive PA. Does that count? Haha. I'm about to become a blogger soon ;)

Editor’s Note:  Lucky hubbies!  They get gorgeous and intelligent PA’s!  Right TRHOC?  Also, thank God for blogging.  Really.  I think it has given me sanity in this housewifedom.  It is my creative outlet and my connection to the rest of the world outside our humble abode!  So kudos to you TRHOC!  Blog, blog, blog!

LLVL:  How was the transition like for you shifting from your prior occupation to being a housewife?

TRHOC:  It was exciting and difficult at the same time. Exciting because we moved to a different country, so there's a lot of discovery and adventure that goes with the new role but it was difficult at times because the transition was compounded by homesickness :'( Thank heavens for TFC! Hehe.
Editor’s Note:  How I wish there was TFC here! I miss The Buzz…

LLVL:  What made it easy? Difficult?

TRHOC:  A really supportive hubby and family have made it easy. Being in a new and different place definitely has its plus points because there's so much to do and explore here. Plus, I love how Orange County and I guess the lifestyle here in general really caters to housewives, especially housewives with young children. There are plenty of resources to get help from and places to visit and things to do. Mostly, the difficulty would creep in via homesickness, as I mentioned earlier. Sometimes, no matter how great it gets here, there really is no place like home (or your home country).

LLVL:  What do you like best in being a housewife?

TRHOC: Having the TV on while I work, and by work I mean chores and whatnot ;) Haha, kidding! I'm not sure really. Being on my own schedule I suppose. I can dictate when and how to do things. I suppose you could say I like being my own boss ;)

LLVL: What are the challenges?

TRHOC: Missing the office dynamics, working with different people (or at least, working with people my age on a daily basis), pretty office clothes and shoes! Haha. H can be a challenge sometimes when she's sick or cranky.

LLVL: What things you do that help you enjoy being a housewife?

TRHOC: I always make sure to schedule some kind of alone time. Even if it's just at the end of the day when H is asleep and hubby is working on school stuff. I usually read a book or work on my laptop. My favorite kinds of alone time are going out for a run or running errands alone. Alone time keeps me sane ;)

LLVL: Any other tips to enjoy being a housewife?

TRHOC: Enjoy your time as a housewife right now, especially since it's just you and hubby (for now). Having a kid changes everything! In a good way of course. ;) But once the kids come, it isn't going to be like this until they're off to school and have their own lives. Also, as with anything in life, time management is key!

LLVL: Do you have plans of shifting back to a "working" life?

TRHOC: For sure!!! As soon as hubby has his MBA and is working steadily, it'll be my turn to work or study! So perhaps in a couple of years or so, give or take a few months, I can be a working mom again :)

LLVL: Any other words of wisdom?

TRHOC: Always be thankful, no matter where you are in life. Remembering that keeps me sane. Knowing and trusting that things are happening as they should keeps me focused and grounded. When difficult stuff arrives, see them as challenges. Oh and staying organized is a big help too! ;)

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, yes, let’s be thankful for where we are in life.  What I noticed from my own journey is, in as much as there are days in the dumps, figuring out why I am here, missing my old life, getting frustrated from being in a different environment at the end of the day, I am very, very thankful and I have a lot to be thankful for.  First, my hubby.  He is the best thing that ever happened to me.  I am lucky we have re-discovered each other at the time we did (we first met in grade school theater when I was 10 and he was 12 – seriously!).  Second, that we are starting our marriage this way.  Just us.  Family is great, but admittedly it could complicate a marriage (!).  Third, we are in such a beautiful and exotic country waiting to be discovered!  Fourth, we do get some expat perks (not much but enough)!  Fifth, I am in a space where I can re-define myself.  It is refreshing to step out of your old life and have the time and freedom to learn new things, do new things and transform yourself in the process.  And I through it all, I am with my man.  What more can you ask from life?


  1. yay! :) i remember that concert too! you and pau were so cute. he had a trip the next day and you were super concerned about his flight times, etc. too cute! i remembering whispering to irv in the car (since we were all in 1 car), "yihee, concerned!" but i was so kilig because you were so concerned/kulit and pau didn't seem to mind being asked all those questions, i remember telling irv, "totoo na ata to!" and he kept shushing me because i kept giggling. hehe.

    oh and visa restrictions here are pretty limiting because of 9/11. :( on a better note, yes, lucky hubbies indeed!!! still working on my blog. might be too shy to post stuff. haha!

    anyhoo, thanks for posting this! and in the spirit of thanksgiving too. :) say hi to pau for us! i think we'll be seeing you guys soon! ;) oh and get well soon! just read your post about feeling sick (in sickness and in health).

  2. Hahahahaha! Ang kulit mo Mac! Na-miss tuloy kita!

    Don't be shy to post na! Go blog! :-) I can't wait to read it!!!

    Are you coming home??? One big reunion na ba ito???

    Yes I'm better but I would have to stay away from Coke and like for some time :-(


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