Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Celebrating One Month of Livin’ La Vida Lanka!

Sri Lanka Flag Flying High At The Galle Face Green

Today (2 November 2010) marks my first month in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Resident visa – Check!

I’ve pretty much found my bearings around Colombo and in nearby areas.  I can’t navigate on my own but I would know if it’s the right way or not.  Darn those roundabouts upon roundabouts though! Haha!

Daily routine – Check!

In as much as I enjoy cooking, I enjoy eating more!  And in this month I would say hubby and I have been to pretty good restaurants in the city.  I’m actually surprised there is a wide variety!  And there are more things to try out!

Getting around the city via public transpo – Check!

Sinhala chutak puluan!  I can speak a bit of Sinhala (their national language) – to the amazement of my hubby’s workmates and the pleasure of our trusty driver.  Thanks to my teacher and fun classmates!

New friends – Check!  Thanks to hubby’s really cool team (his brand team and most of Marketing) and my fun Sinhala classmates!

I am also practicing really serious and traditional yoga now.  One-on-one yoga classes with an Indian Yoga Guru for 10 straight days anyone?  I can do a shoulderstand, the plough and headstand! In just 4 days of practice.  She is awesome.  More on this later!

Home decorating – not fully but it is a work in progress!

Enjoying this break and embracing housewife-dom – check!

Scoring a job – well, hopefully that one pans out soon.  Complicated visa situation (even if they mistakenly gave me a work visa with hubby’s details!).  But all will happen in the right time.

Embracing the culture – a continuous journey but got some good headstart!  Pettah anyone? And some nice Bawa afternoons.

Happy faces!
My most significant achievement in the last 30 days?  Fully embracing that we are here and la vida Lanka is where we ought to be right now.  It is such a joy realizing that we are truly gifted with a beautiful life even if that is far from what we call(ed) home.  And in the last 30 days, all these things have made Colombo, home.  


  1. How is your entire body not aching! Buti nakakagalaw ka pa after 10days straight!!!

  2. Haha! I guess it's with the process... In Yoga we do a lot of relaxation (full yogic breathing in savasana) after a difficult pose like the headstand! There are days that it aches like hell... not the whole body though. The trick is to breathe ;-)


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