Friday, November 12, 2010

Room With A View

One of the things I am thankful for living in Colombo is the view.  It is my first time to live in a high rise (well there was one crazy year of independence but I was only on the 3rd floor and the whole apartment building was only upto the 5th so that doesn’t count).  I was somehow aversed to it because I’ve always loved the village life.  Having your house planted on the ground (my mom never feels the earthquakes when I would experience them in the office or somewhere higher) gives you a sense of security and safety.  Our neighborhood in F1 had very nice paved roads and an awesome security system so running at 4am won’t give you the creeps.  When my husband and I lived in their home in an Antipolo village, it was also a treat.  Like coming home to a vacation house because of the lush foliage and the cool air.  So condo living really doesn’t appeal to me at all.  Always a village girl I would say!

But in Colombo we live in one.  Of course I was hoping for a house but with just the 2 of us and the Managing Director post still 2 big steps away from where my husband is, it’s a stretch!  But I’m not complaining.  It’s a new development and a spacious 2+1.  It was the best my husband saw and thank God it fit the budget!  But one of the best parts to it is that every morning when I bid my husband goodbye at our door, we take in an awesome view of the city and the Indian Ocean.  Not to mention getting quite a good breeze too!  

I’ve never had this leaving home for work.  Usually in F1 and Antipolo I would be greeted by the friendly neighbors, from babies to oldies.  Which was awesome in itself but the view from this height gives you something else.  Since we’re like the only one on our floor (for now), it’s the serenity of an empty floor.  But if you look farther out, on a good day, you get a nice view of the sun touching the roofs and trees of Colombo.  White puffy clouds amidst the most glorious blue I’ve ever seen.  And into the horizon, the Indian Ocean. 

If you see such beauty everyday, I don’t know how you could feel discontent.  This everyday experience is a reminder for me that I have such a blessed life.  That in as much as there are big chunks of the puzzle missing, the picture is nonetheless beautiful in its incompleteness.

And that’s livin’ la vida Lanka!         


  1. WOW!! Nice ocean view! : )

    "the Managing Director post still 2 big steps away" <--- eyeing on Achyut's position?


  2. Haha! Not me of course! Haha! How are you??? Come to Colombo!


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