Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Microwave Fail!

The microwave oven has been conking out for quite some time now.  The display will suddenly say defrost.  As in it clicks on its own.  Thank God it doesn’t start on its own as well.  I even thought it was a ghost.  Really.  But since the microwave is not exactly brand new (it came with the “furnished” apartment including the old TV, so-so sala set and ghastly dining table – sorry may poot pa rin hanggang ngayon! Haha!) I thought it might just be entering into its last days.

And today, I think it really did.  With awesome timing I must say.  I was going to heat my lunch and I was terribly hungry – hyperacidity attack anyone?  And suddenly I couldn’t undo the defrost settings – which would normally be done by pressing “Clear.”  I unplugged the damned thing and plugged it again.  And guess what surprised me on the display: FAIL.  It really said FAIL! I swear I’ve never seen a microwave do that.

I tried not to think it was a personal attack on me.  I mean funny things can creep into your mind especially when you’re hungry.  Especially me – I go berserk when I’m hungry, really!  But really it was a fail! Haha!  I was super hungry and the microwave conks out just like that.  Fail talaga!  It was just too funny I couldn’t help but disturb hubby from work.  Aside from tell him the funny story, I also want to get him to get the landlord to change the old microwave they put in our apartment.  Barely a quarter here and the microwave dies, well, fails on you.  Totally unacceptable.

For now there is the oven to heat my lunch with!  And the good old stove.  Until we sort this thing out, Microwave is Fail! 

Oven For Now


  1. Maybe your 'wave's just trying to get into the internet hype and talk 1337 (pronounced as "leet" aka internet speak). Haha

  2. Hey Ta, I always make sure that we have a non-digital microwave (the one with the good old fashioned dial) because they are usually more sturdy and last longer. The one we had in our condo in Manila, which my cuzeen and I have had since 2nd year college is STILL alive I tell you! And we weren't great at taking care of it either - it was an abused microwave. Mami also ended up getting that kind also after her digital one conked out after a few short years. Good luck!

  3. Hey Ayo I do not understand what you said! Hahaha!

  4. Diplo Wife! Thanks for the tip! Will take that into consideration! My mom's digital is still working though - and no problems whatsoever for what, more than 10 years already! And can you believe Microwave Oven here costs like Rs25,000!!! Which is around Php12,500... HELLO! In Manila I could get one for Php2,000!!! CRAAAZY!

  5. hahaha! Nako wag ka... same lang here. Super mahal tapos super palpak pa kasi yung ma afford lang namin yung local brands. Man I never thought I would say this but boy do I miss MADE IN CHINA!!! Seriously!

  6. Diplo Wife! Hahahahahahaha! Don't you just love Manila for that? Hahaha! Full of Made in China!


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