Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sweet Home Sri Lanka!

I’ve been staying at home more for quite some time now.  Like for a full day.  For the past month I’ve been going out everyday for various reasons.  But for now, I really do not need to do anything outside, so home it is!

I thought I’d have a hard time being a homebody.  I guess to me it heightens the fact that it is a different life now.  And going out somehow provided an escape to that feeling. But staying home surprisingly is quite pleasurable.  I organize my day like how I usually do – with Gantt Charts on Excel and a list of to do’s in my planner.  Now instead of meetings, presentations and whatnots, these are chores, writing and classes. 

Aside from Sinhala Class and in pursuit of continuous learning I’ve also enrolled myself in a certification course (done online via teleclasses – like conference calls, oh just like the good old days!).  It is my light and feeds my brain and my soul (more on this later!).  I relish in preparing for these classes – reading the materials and learning something new everyday.  It is also awesome that for a couple of hours a day, I am in a class with people from England, Korea, India, the US, Switzerland, France and Spain among others.  Staying at home suddenly opened me up to a bigger world out there! 

I’m working on a project related to the one above – again more on this later!

I have tons of books to read! 

I enjoy the privilege of the freedom to write with a potentially worldwide audience without the pain of editorial rejection.  Thank God for the advent of Blogging!

I can actually catch up on my favorite TV series – I’m a CSI freak and a big fan of Oprah.  I also found myself following Amazing Race Asia and so sad the hot Filipina-Aussie girls didn’t make it to the top 3.  Not hiring the taxi driver to follow in non-English speaking Korea was a big mistake ladies! 

I love it that I am able to keep in touch with my families and friends – whether they are in the Philippines or otherwise.  Yesterday I was chatting with my cousin in NY and when I was working – the opportunity to catch each other online was slim!  

My (salty) sauce, trying to correct with water... so it needs reduction.
I always try to cook something new at least once a week – yesterday was Lasagna (albeit on the salty side – my bad!).  And as I was stirring my humble sauce into reduction, I realized I am happy to be home.  And making a home for my husband.  I honestly do not know how long this happiness would last but who the F cares?  I have proven to myself that I can actually be truly happy without the identity I have always prided myself in.  That I am happy with just being who I am.  Sweet home Sri Lanka!  


  1. :) I'm happy to know that you're happy :D plus it is fun to have the day without any important tasks to do.

    Haha never realized you were so OC, talagang nakagantt chart pa.

  2. Thanks Smarla :-) I'm not too OC though but there are OC tools that I like - case in point the Gantt Chart! :-)


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