Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No Doctor Quack-Quacks!

Last week because of my hyperacidity I had to make a trip to the hospital.  At first I was trying to self-medicate but after a few days and without recovery in sight, I decided to get over myself and just go.  Needless to say I was afraid to make the trip, I just wasn’t really sure of the healthcare status here.   

We went to Lanka Hospitals, it’s just around the corner from where we live.  I wanted to be accompanied by hubby so I had my consultation in the E.R.  It was close to deserted, thank God no gory cases were in sight.  The surroundings was clean and orderly.  It reminds me of Medical City in the Philippines only a notch lower.  Apparently in the E.R. there were just 2 doctors.  One was already in and the other was on the way – seriously?  There were more people in the cashier than doctors!

We were entertained quick enough and the doctor who checked me was quite competent.  She looked tired (good Lord, who won’t be in that scenario?), asked me questions and wrote out a prescription.  Just like your normal doctor’s appointment!  Phew!  I felt good about the experience and fast forward to today, I think my acids are managed already.  And my tummy ready to take the food trip back home for the holidays!

We then went to the in-house pharmacy for the meds.  They had a pretty sound process.  And what I appreciated was the fact that they put each kind of medicine in an envelope and write the indication.  I just think it’s going beyond what is expected and yeah, it would really help to make the indications crystal clear amidst the plethora of medicines right?  

So on the whole, I was happy that for my first visit to the hospital I didn’t encounter any quack-quacks! 

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  1. I am so happy you are feeling better hun! And that you got a good doctor! Take care of you tummy this vacay... so much to eat and drink!


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