Monday, March 12, 2012

Celebrity La Vida Lanka!

Hubby and I with Kumar and Yehali Sangakkara (middle in Anlene Green Top!) with the BBDO Team

Will livin’ la vida Lanka be complete without a celebrity encounter?  Of course not!  It’s actually a delayed kind of post as the encounter happened while I was still pregnant.  Anyway I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Sri Lankan Cricket hotshot Kumar Sangakarra and his lovely wife Yehali!  For the non-Cricket fans out there, I know what’s on your mind… “Kumar who?”  Well think Manny Pacquiao (sans the integrity issues) or David Beckham of Sri Lankan Cricket.  It may not be a very apt comparison but you get the drift, BIG SPORTS CELEBRITY!  Both are endorsers of hubby’s campaign so I had the “backstage” pass to TVC shoot and POSM photoshoot.

It is just amazing what a great couple Kumar and Yaheli are, moreover what great, authentic and grounded individuals they are! Aside from a Cricket star and his wife, both are actually trained Lawyers and principled people.  They are huge, even S, the Indian head of the advertising agency hubby is working with asked me, “do you realize how big he (Kumar) is?”  Yet they don’t have a trace of “celebrity status” – they are very easy-going during the very hot shoot, I am even surprised that they don’t have P.A.’s following them about and what not.  C, the Account Director even mentioned that she actually experienced handling unknown Indian* talents who are divas more than these actual celebrities.  Moreover you know they’re real when they remember your names and greet you when they see you again, like a month after!  Pretty awesome.

It’s not on my list to have a close encounter with Sri Lankan celebrities because I never thought that would happen!  That really exceeded my expectations!  A big check!

*Apparently Sri Lankan talents do not abound so they usually fly over Indian talents and directors (!) for TVCs!  Crazy right?  If I only have a more South Asian look, I will apply!  Hahaha!


  1. In fernez, they are a good looking couple ha! And hindi ako mahilig sa South Asian types. hehehe!

    1. They are! Tapos ang ganda pa ng accent :-)


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