Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Julia Child and Sri Lanka.

Julia Child in Kandy, Ceylon. (1943) Taken by Paul Child.
Who would have thought that she who taught the world how to master the art of French cooking, Julia Child and a teardrop-shaped island in the south of the Indian Ocean would be in the same sentence.  But little does the world know that Sri Lanka played a significant part in Julia’s personal history. Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) served as a backdrop for her love affair with a man she met while on assignment there in the second world war.  A year after, in September of 1946, they got married.  He was Paul Child.  Two years later, in 1948, Paul was then assigned to Paris and the rest I must say formed the backbone of contemporary cooking history.  But I digress.

That is Sri Lanka.  It is not just a friendly neighbor to India or the Maldives.  It stands for itself – for the world-famous Ceylon tea to the all-English Cricket and everything in between.  It stands for you, offering itself up to be a significant player in your own personal history.  And that is what we’re keen to discover.

Just like for Julia and Paul, maybe a little bit longer, Sri Lanka will be the backdrop for our own starter marriage and the continuation of our love story.  We plan to discover Lonely Planet’s (2009) top picks of the country:

  • Brilliant Beaches (Kalkuda Bay Beach for one!)
  • Hill Country Scenery (Who wants to go up Adam’s Peak?)
  • Ecofriendly Sleeps (Kandy Samadhicentre for example.)
  • Winning Ways with Wildlife (Turtles, Elephants, Wales and yes, Leopards!)         

Julia & Paul Child for Valentines!
Plus it’s hot cuisine, rich culture and friendly people.  And more.

And in the process, we hope to get to know each other better and ourselves.

Mr. and Mrs. O, Livin La Vida Lanka.  Who would have thought?!


  1. Hey Sweety, it's awesome that you have a bucket list early on. I've been meaning to write one down with hubby but always keep on forgetting. You've inspired me to get on with it!

  2. Hey diplo wife! The more I get to see the place, the more I add to the bucket list! And some of the places are not even in Lonely Planet! Enjoy Indo! And please visit me here!


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