Sunday, August 15, 2010

Welcome to La Vida Lanka!

This blog is dedicated to the next (first) two years of our married life.

Photographed by Ela & Joseph Leh
My hubby got a one-of-a-kind assignment in the land of cinnamon and tea, Sri Lanka.  And of course, this is a case of the trailing spouse!  There is no other way than togetherness for me and my hubby.  Plus how can you pass up such a wonderful opportunity for a great big adventure!

So join us as we discover this beautiful country (its scenery, people, culture and most definitely its food just to name a few), each other and ourselves. 

This is Livin' La Vida Lanka.


  1. So glad you're doing a blog! I want to hear all about it sweety! And I am so happy that after a year, you soon followed suit! Welcome to the wonderful (sometimes frustrating) world of the trailing spouse! I am here for you all the way from Indonesia! Please email me by the way, I wanna know what's up!!! How have you been since you got married, and how are preparations going!

  2. Mrs. O, Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Best of Luck to you and Mr. O!!!

  3. Excited for you and looking forward to reading your posts :)

  4. Thanks for the encouraging words friends! How do you like the blog so far? :-)


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