Monday, August 30, 2010

Hubby Finds Us A Home and More - A ‘Major, Major’ Project!

Perfection of a Place
Hubby went 1.5 months ahead to get started with work (quite a few big ticket deliverables due in little over a month!) and get us settled in our new home, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

First things first, finding us a home.  Hubby had quite a range of choices – a total of around 7 prospects until he found Park Place, Havelock City in Havelock Town (Colombo 5).  It is a beautiful new development – gated community, 2-bedroom flat, living room that opens to a veranda, very sleek finishing, wooden flooring in the bedrooms and has a very clear and airy feel.  Perfect.  And we got it!  In just 2 weeks.

Ultimate Dugyot
Still perfect?  Well not quite.  A week after scoring the place, we were dumbfounded to see the furnishings.  These totally did not match the perfection of the flat.  Well that is an understatement.  It is a total contradiction.  See for yourself.

Let’s start with the dining set.  My idea is to soften the audacity by wrapping the structure in jusi or a similar material.  Change the upholstery of the cushion.  Use a tablecloth.  What say you?

What to do with the wheels...
The living room set is not that bad.  A few pillows with full colors to accent.  I’m thinking red and rust.  A simple carpet to define the area.  Add in a few large pillows or beanbags.  But something has to be done with the TV stand – maybe take out (or cover – how oh how?) the wheels?  It gives too much of an office-y effect.

Guest Room Table & Chairs
The guest room has a mix and match of beige and black.  A rich-colored malong to bring the sofa bed to life.  And honestly with the black table and chair, I’m stuck.  

The master's bedroom, well, there is just the bed.

For the walls, I have quite a few paintings (framed and unframed) that I am planning to bring over.  The problem, I have no shipping allowance and would need to transport it together with the rest of my stuff.  Add to that, not exceed around 30kgs of baggage!

I need ideas here people! 

It is like living in Serendra but going into Homeworks in Ever Gotesco Commonwealth.  As depressing the choice of furniture left my hubby and I, it sparked an exciting thought in my mind.  I got my work cut out for me!  Here’s to channeling my inner Martha (Stewart herself!) and Tom Felicia (the interiors guru of the Fab 5).  As Cher (Alicia Silverstone in Clueless) puts it, “PROJECT!”  And I must say this is a truly MAJOR, MAJOR one!  


  1. can you sell the furniture? hehe. or maybe keep it in storage for a while? haha.

    in any case, yes use a tablecloth for the dugyot dining table. for the chairs, maybe get chair pads if new upholstery is too complicated. use warm colors to offset the cold metal. it's so... :'(

    the tv stand can be covered with a pretty sarong or cloth all the way down to the floor to cover the wheels if they can't be taken off. you just have to lift the cloth if you're going to store or get anything inside.

    the guest table can also be covered by a pretty cloth in warm colors. add a matching pillow for the chair and a pretty lamp and it should be ok.

    is there an IKEA in colombo? tell pau to check local shops for decorative ideas (paintings, etc.) so you won't have to bring the paintings maybe. or perhaps you can get them shipped at a later time?

    we're so excited for you guys! good luck! =)


  2. this is sooooo nice, miss tals! all the best to you and your hubby in a new country. :)

  3. Thanks Mac for the suggestions... working on it!

  4. Thanks for your well wishes Ivy H! I miss you dear! Please come and visit :-)


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