Monday, January 3, 2011

Home Leave

Before it reaches a month since my last post, I’m posting one now!  The reason for such an absence was that hubby and I made our way back to the Philippines for his (and mine!) annual home leave.  As with any vacation, things are just hectic before, during and after.  But it’s the kind of busy-ness that I like and am grateful for.  

Our Home: Mi Familia At Hubby's Send Off Lunch
For one, nothing beats spending the Christmas holidays in your own home country.  In as much as I love Colombo and my life in La Lanka, I just needed to be in the Philippines for the most wonderful time of the year!  The street décor, the endless yummy food (I gained 5 whopping pounds in just a week!), the meet up with friends, the family reunions, the shopping (hubby’s luggage was 25kgs over the limit – how will mine fare against his?) just to name a few all make coming home to the Philippines worth the 7 hour-flight (and a pretty much a whole day’s worth of traveling)!

Second, in as much as being a housewife is a “vacation” from “work” – it is a lot of work.  So when someone else does the things you normally do (and is better at it!), it is heaven:

1) To come home to my parents’ cooking.  Yes, both nanay and tatay are great at it and eating their home-cooked meals gives you that warm fuzzy feeling.

2) To have help with the laundry - I am super grateful for Manang France our laundry and iron woman!

Third, trips that allow you to take a step back from your daily grind are always a blessing.  It is a breather (we all need that once in a while) and an opportunity for you to see things from a different perspective or as they are and reflect on life and whatnots.  And yes, even amidst the flurry of events it can happen. 

As the home leave is winding down, a new year has dawned, I find myself leaving for home again.  This time for La Lanka.


  1. Awww.... I know nothing beats a Christmas in the Philippines with all the renunions, weddings, crazy shopping and traffic, beautiful lights, parties, lechon, relatives and friends! Sigh. Can't wait to read more about your trip to the Phils!

  2. weird! my previous comment didn't appear :-( Glad to know that u enjoyed the trip back home. But I guess now, home is wherever the hubby is :-) SWEET!


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