Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Look Back At My 2010...

In as much as I don’t normally do a look back at my year (I guess I like looking forward better), for 2010 I just can’t help it.

For one, I finished my Master’s degree!  I really didn’t think I would graduate! A ping-pong of revisions just for style for crying out loud made me feel hopeless. But, with the help many kind souls and a good dose of heavenly intervention, I successfully passed my thesis revisions and was granted permission to march.

It's real!!! MA Psychology finally!
Second, it is the year when I finally took the “risk it took to bloom.”  From milk to make-up, after 7 years of life after college, I moved companies.  It was like leaving home and finding out that there is a big, wide, beautiful world out there! Oh, hello there!!!  Albeit my tenure was short (see point #4 below) - it was worth it!
With the big boss and my fellow newbies!
Third, I married the most awesome man in the world.  He’s just one of a kind and I am the luckiest girl.  And I want to repeat it here, as I said it in my wedding vow:

As long as I'm with you.
“Now as I stand here before you for the first time in a long time I face the future with no fear.  Comfortable with not knowing what tomorrow holds.  Even excited for the adventure that lies ahead.  Because in each journey, wherever and whenever it may be, as long as I’m with you, Paulo, I am sure it is where I need to be.”  

Fourth, Sri Lanka may be the farthest thing in people’s minds as a destination of a place, but for us it is.  It is my first time really living in another country, for being a housewife and for trusting my life to somebody else aside from myself and my parents.

With hubby at Bawa's Lunuganga
People have been telling me 2010 is the year that things really did happen for me.  I agree – especially on point #3!  Haha!  But really, it was also the year that I learned to let go (a mean feat for a self-confessed control freak) and look where it got me – to such an awesome place even beyond my imagination.  I grew up – I would like to say beautifully and happily so and without much drama.  And I look back at it with much gratitude to God – you really did surprise me Lord with the fulfillment of my innermost desires.

So here’s to the best year YET, 2010.  And to 2011…    


  1. After so many dinners talking about our dreams and aspirations sweety... Can you imagine that it would all happen in a single year? My how things can change... FAST!!! Just as it did for me, so did it for you! I am so happy that your dreams came true in 2010, and now we should toast not only to a new year but to NEW dreams! Who would have thunk we would get this far out to the world but still be best friends and living parallel lives!?! So happy sweety!

  2. I KNOWWW!!!! Thank you for listening to me sweety! That is why we are best friends since 5th grade and amidst the distance. I am so lucky to have you there when I was going through all of these exciting changes!!! And I am super happy for you too! I guess that is the trick... let us continue announcing to the universe by way of coffee dates, dinners, lunches and even Skype catch ups with each other our dreams and desires :-) Here's to an even better 2011! I can feel it already!

  3. I can't help but feel goosebumps reading your reply Ta... it's happening to you already! Weeeeeee! Don't worry year-end, I'll catch up! LOL =P

  4. Hahahahaha!!!! Things are happening for you too dear :-) Happy to be part of it even with the distance :-)


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