Sunday, February 13, 2011

Barefoot Sundays

I am a creature of habit.  And one of my shameless habits (that I drag hubby into) is a weekly visit to Barefoot (  Barefoot houses designer Barbara Sansoni’s woven fabric collection (quite a colorful lot I must say!), other consignment items (including teak furnitures and batik fabrics designed by Ena De Silva – another key artist in Sri Lanka’s art community) and has expanded to include an art gallery and a café in the heart of Colombo. 

The Galle Road entrance
Picture courtesy of
Photo courtesy of
We love having our Sunday lunch there mostly for the relaxing experience.  First off, you choose your meal from a blackboard that goes around.  The lunch menu is not set so you get a good variety week on week.  Good for regulars like us! 

That's the way to order around here!
The food is quite good.  I usually order Southeast Asian delights – Thai or Indo fusion. 

While we eat and enjoy in conversation, jazz music wafts through the afternoon air.  By a live Jazz Band no less!

The band by the entrance of the gallery...
We cap off with coffee and our choice of dessert.  My personal favorite is their Carrot Cake.  The best.

It's so good I already took a bite before taking a picture!

How more relaxed can you get?

Satisfied customers!
Back in Manila, Sunday lunches are close to sacred – reserved for family time.  Either my parents cook a feast at home or we eat out.  When I got married and relocated to Sri Lanka, I realized that we cannot join the S-co family tradition.  But I realized that as hubby and I move along in our married life, we create traditions of our own little family.  In as much as we try to vary our Sunday lunch jaunts – it usually is Barefoot. 


  1. Awesome hun! Nice to see you post again! Been missing seeing you online since you are working now! When can we Skype?

  2. Heyyy!!! When do you want to Skype? I'm usually online at night. I'm 1.5 hours behind you sweetie :-) PM me on FB!

  3. Ta! Guess what?!? I was going to ask you to take me to this exact place! I even have the address and all!

    I found this really quaint shop called Temple Trees here in Jakarta. It's really hidden but I accidentally discovered it because Gabi took me to the only Vietnamese resto he knows in Jakarta and I saw a gorgeous store that I just had to look at. I came back the very next day and I saw these gorgeous fabrics and they were so expensive like around 800 pesos per yard or somethething crazy like that and when I looked at the brand it said BAREFOOT made in Sri lanka so I made sure to get the address so I could ask you to take me there. And this is it pala! Crazeeeeee!

  4. SOOOOOOO cool! Temple Trees is the name of their Presidential Residence (like Malacanang). Yes! We'll go to Barefoot and you can shop like crazy! But it's not that cheap too :-(


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