Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cricket World Cup Lands in La Lanka!

I couldn’t say that I am livin’ la vida Lanka if I don’t write about Cricket.

Cricket is a British sport that has become a Lankan religion.  Just like Basketball is so American yet very much part of the Filipino culture. 

Well today, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 (the Cup that matters) kicks off and Sri Lanka (together with India and Bangladesh) hosts the affair.  The excitement is palpable yet invisible (the city’s not exactly being ‘dressed up’ for the occasion – I was expecting billboards everywhere just like how we advertise shampoo back home).  

And so, as an adopted daughter of Sri Lanka, I would like to do my share and pay tribute to the sport and wish the team (lead by team Captain Kumar Sangakkara) all the best!

Here’s a video of the anthem by one of the local radio stations (Yes FM).

Go Sri Lanka!  Bring home the cup!

Photos courtesy of:        (Team Picture)


  1. hi! i came across your blog maybe 4 months ago and really enjoyed it....last weekend i went to colombo sri lanka and nuwera eliya but too bad i only had a couple of days to spend there. im looking forward to go back though in the near future.
    so anyway, while i was there i probably heard that cricket song on the radio 10times a day..especially while travelling to nuwera eliya, and it's crazy until now i still have that as my LSS(last song syndrome), so i looked up on youtube and google to find the video for that song but couldn't find it. so i decided to open up your blog again and woolah i found it!!...thanks a lot! keep writing! im sure there's a lot out there like me who appreciate your piece!!..

  2. Wow! Thanks for the kind words! How did you find Colombo and Nuwara Eliya? Let me know! And yes, the song is so addicting right?


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