Saturday, February 26, 2011

Long Weekend in Kalpitiya

Early this month we had a chance to go on a long weekend trip.  A friend from work, H, suggested we go to Kalpitiya – a peninsula at the northern part of Sri Lanka.

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The ride was a bit tiring, as we traversed a dirt road right as we took off from the main island upto the resort.  The resort was an eco-lodge called Ruwala and owned by a lovely Sri Lankan couple.  There were still some parts of the resort that were being constructed but as it is, it is quite a nice, quiet, rustic escape.  The room had no A/C but the cool weather was lovely enough.  Plus they served good food with friendly service and a provision for our driver’s lodging and meals.

Kalpitiya is known for 2 things. 

One is the oldest Catholic church in Sri Lanka, St. Anne. 

The other is dolphin and whale watching.  We were lucky to have encountered HUNDREDS of dolphins!  Although the whales we more elusive.

Out to sea, albeit with no more camera battery :-( 
A good 2 hours drive from Kalpitiya is also Sri Lanka’s largest national park, Wilpattu.  It is known for its leopard population.  But since the time we went was a rainy day, no leopards were found. 

Kalpitiya area is still being developed and not exactly a touristy spot.  But it has a rustic charm – where you don’t really have many options of things to do but where you can just have the pleasure of reading a good book.   

Our Kalpitiya trip was quite unexpected.  It just took exactly a week to “plan” – one which didn’t have much of a plan at all.  We just booked the resort and come what may.  When we got there – I suddenly got quite concerned that hubby will not like it.  It was rustic and hubby is not exactly the rustic boy.  I was more concerned the day we learned we couldn’t see the dolphins (luckily we got the chance the day after!) and was told that there are 2 places to go: St. Anne’s Church and the town (which was really, nothing much).  Luckily when I read up on it I learned Wilpattu is just nearby (somewhat).  But at the end of the day, we still had fun!  I guess it’s the 3 in me (based on the Enneagram) that “needs” things to do and the prospect of being “productive” to feel good.  Well, this trip, in its simplicity, taught me that in doing “nothing,” you still get to see a lot. 

Ruwala Resort

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