Sunday, April 10, 2011

List La Vida Lanka: The Introduction

I like lists.  Use it wisely and it can do you wonders.  We all know how to do lists helps you not get overwhelmed.  It’s like the mere act of writing what needs to get done makes it get done.

Every year, particularly on my birthday, I make my list so my year will be focused on achieving key things I’ve set out to do.

The most powerful list I’ve made is my Ideal Man list.  It was a practical advice from my Spiritual Director.  In order to attract the right kind of man (even “the one”) in my life, he asked me to write down the traits, characteristics and everything about this man – both the nice to have and the non-negotiables.  Hubby fulfills that list to the hilt!
Now, as I reflect on my 6 months in Sri Lanka (yes it’s been half a year since year already!) I embark on yet another list.  This idea actually started during one of my Sinhala classes.  The lesson for the day was to ask each other have you been, ate or drank…?  In Sinhala, it’s “Gihilla tiyenavada [name of the place]?” or “Kiwwa tiyenavada [name of the food]?” Or “Biwwa tiyenavada [name of the drink]?”  In the process of answering my classmates’ questions, I realized that I haven’t done much to immerse myself in Sri Lankan culture.  Yes I’ve started learning the language (taking Advanced classes to boot), have formed friendships with Sri Lankans, work with Sri Lankans but somehow, after going through this exercise I realized I haven’t experienced much that is truly Lankan.  I have a classmate who answered almost yes to all the questions!  And she has been in Sri Lanka for the same amount of time that I am!  And so, while harnessing the power of lists, I decided to actually purposefully set out to immerse myself in the Sri Lankan culture.

So for a series of posts aptly titled List La Vida Lanka, I will share with you my ultimate Sri Lanka list.  This contains things to experience, things to eat or drink and places to see to have the definitive Sri Lankan experience.  All in all these add up to 22 for the 22 months that we call Sri Lanka our home.  Aside from sharing with you the list, I invite you to be part of the journey as I not only “tick” each off my list but as I become a little bit “Lankan” with each accomplished task.  And hopefully these will inspire you to take the journey yourself to this beautiful teardrop-shaped island in the heart of South Asia.             


  1. Hi Sweety, we are really friends as I love lists as well. In fact I have a working list page that I update as I think of new things to put on it:

    I love this new series and can't wait to see it. It will also get me excited to visit you in Sri Lanka. Btw how do you go there? Is there a direct flight from the Phils to there? Or do you fly somewhere else before getting there? TD is asking so he can figure out how to book me a flight!

  2. Oooops forgot to paste the link to my LIST LOVE page:❤/

  3. Haha! I know! Coming here I suggest you either go via Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways or from Jakarta there is Sri Lankan Air. I'm not sure if Sri Lankan air is direct from Indo or it stops over Singapore... For cheaper options you can take Air Asia but I guess it requires an overnight stopover in KL? But for us Pinoys, we need a visa coming here! Game! Plan it with TD!

  4. Seriously? we need a visa even if it's not that long? Sigh. We weren't able to find reasonable tickets for June but TD is on the look out!

  5. Don't worry about the visa - ako na bahala dun! Tell me if TD is able to get reasonable tickets ok? It is indeed expensive to come here :-( No budget air pa from SEA! :-(


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