Monday, April 25, 2011

Livin' La Vida in the Tea Country!

I’ve been looking forward to this trip for months now because it is our official honeymoon trip!  Although hubby always says that everyday is a honeymoon – and I agree sans the work and the housework!  Because of a rave review from a gourmand like Gourmet Chick, I said to myself I don’t think we can go wrong heading off to Tea Trails.

The drive was not exactly smooth, it’s a zig zag road through the mountains from Colombo and a few rough patches but leaving around 7am got us there right before lunch.  Although it was pretty rough, it was scenic!  Going through mountains and mountains of tea plantation is a treat in itself. 


The Ceylon Tea Trails is a group of 4 planter’s bungalows set quite apart from each other in the Bogawantalawa valley.  We stayed at Tienstin, the farthest of the lot.  It was such a homey escape – no check-in counters or even a concierge desk.  Just like entering your home.  A butler led us to the sitting room before showing us our room.  The colonial interiors was kept – as if the was still the good old days when the original planters were still living there.      

There were no menus rather the chef would discuss the day’s menu.  Which is always a gastronomic delight!  You get the beverage of your choice with the meal – and even house Chilean wine!  All you want.  Talk about the sweet life!

A variety of activities are offered including the tea experience.  Unfortunately the factory was closed for the Auvurudu (Sinhala and Tamil New Year) but we took the tea experience of our own.  At the back of the bungalow is a real, working tea plantation.  We walked through the 4km trail – with a trail map and water provided.  The view was stunning.   

Back at the bungalow, we were served Traditional High Tea – with your choice of tea, sweets and sandwich.  Armed with a book, the cool breeze from the rain and the love of my life – utter contentment.

We only spent 3 days in the bungalow but how I wish it were longer.  It was a fantastic break and for a control freak like me, a re-orientation to the “sweetness of doing nothing.”   

And this is what I call livin’ la vida Lanka!


  1. The pictures are looking so lovely sweety! You are getting better and better at it! I especially liked the first one!

    And sweet niyo talaga ni Mr. O! I'm glad you got your honeymoon already... come to think about it parang wala pa pala yung akin... but then again the past year has been full of trips. Does that count? =P

  2. My kind of getaway :)

    You and Pau look so happy and relaxed!

  3. Thanks Diplo Wife :-) Hello yes, you've been to a lot of trips! I guess that counts :-) But you can always go on one anyways! :-)


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