Thursday, April 14, 2011

List La Vida Lanka: Must Experience!

This time I would like to share with you what are my must-do’s in Sri Lanka to have the full cultural experience!  We left off with Number 8 in places and to add to up 22 (to know why, check out List La Vida Lanka), we continue with Number 9:

Number 9: Ride A Bajaj 
The Bajaj or the trishaw (their version of the tricycle) is the main mode of transportation for locals.  There is also the bus but I am not THAT adventurous! 

Number 10: Learn 22 Useful Sinhala Phrases, Write Them In Sinhala Script (just for kicks!) and Use It!
One of the most important lessons I’ve learned living in a different country is that you MUST know their language. No need to be fluent but a few key phrases, questions, etc. will help you go a long way!

Number 11: Watch a Live Cricket Match
I know I missed the opportunity of all opportunities (the ICC World Cup) but there are other key games.  I am particularly keen on the Roy-Tho match: think Ateneo vs La Salle Basketball Rivalry.  I hope hubby comes along as it will definitely be a looooong 3 days (Test match runs for 3 full days!).

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Number 12: Ride A Train
Trains fascinate me.  Especially those that run on scenic routes.  And Sri Lanka offers just that.

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Number 13: Have My Own Saree
I love how Sri Lankans (and even Indians and other South Asian countries) wear their saree’s from everyday to formal.  I wish we could do the same for our baro’t saya, Maria Clara or other Filipiniana.  Our boys do it (Polo Barong, Barong for Formal Occasions).  For us ladies, unless it specificially says in the invite that Filipiniana is the attire, we don’t.  How sad.  But I digress.

Number 14: Attend A Sri Lankan Wedding or A Traditional Celebration
Now this one is really up to chance of getting invited.  But hey, I’m shouting it out to the universe!  Give me an opportunity please?

Number 15: Read a Sri Lankan Literature (in English)
I love reading and I believe a country’s literature is a window to it’s soul.  But of course, I have my limitations.  Only in English please?

Number 16: Own A Local Artwork (Original)
I love art! For one I think it was influenced growing up in a house full of paintings and “artistic” pottery (you know, ones that are actually made and signed by real artists?).  Another is because I can only appreciate and not exactly create.  Haha!

Number 17: Buy A Gem!
Aside from tea and cinnamon, Sri Lanka is also known for its Gems.  And being a woman, who can say no to Gems?

17 on the list!  5 more to go!


  1. I wanna go gem shopping there!!! I'm also going to Burma next year to go ruby shopping! This all sound like so much fun! Can't wait to read all about it and experience some of it!

  2. Let's go gem shopping then! Wow Burma! Post on your blog!!! That sounds soo cool!


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