Monday, October 10, 2011

Mama La Vida Lanka: Doctor # 2

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What do you do when your primary maternity caregiver (in most cases your OB-Gyne) leaves town at the start of your 7th month for a 3-month training?  I panicked!  Wouldn’t you?  For one, it’s just that I’m so comfortable with her already and your full trust and confidence in your OB-Gyne is one of the keys to a happy and healthy pregnancy!  Second, in as much as she referred another practitioner, I’m already working with one of the best OB’s in the country!  Being in a foreign country, it’s really hard to find options that have been trusted by family and friends.  Moreover, I have this preference for women doctors (at least for an OB-Gyne) and in a country where male OB-Gyne’s have more prominence, it’s a challenge! 

But, my fear was short-lived.  At least I didn’t have to sleep with the nagging feeling of who is going to take care of me and my baby?  Who is going to deliver our little bundle of joy?

For one, my mom assured me that even midwives can deliver your baby.  And true enough, I mean even in other countries, midwives may be on “equal” prominence when it comes to maternal medicine. 

Second, our Birthing Class instructor, gave me good feedback on Doctor #1’s referral.  They have different styles of practice but Doctor #2 is good as well.  She was soooo lovely to help me on my query even if we have only met once and haven’t even started with our birthing classes then!

Third, this is what I love about working in an organization that has a Medical Marketing arm.  They have an insider’s information on the doctors and it’s best to check references with them.  They provided me with an awesome review and even positive reviews from Doctor #2’s other patients! 

Fourth, she is the aunt of my officemate.  What a small world right?

Fifth, I got more doctor recommendations but I decided to trust my Doctor #1’s recommendation and because they both deliver in the same hospital.

So off to Doctor #2 we went.  Hubby and I were very, very happy to have been recommended and be in the care of a lovely woman.  Indeed their practices were different.  But I immediately felt comfortable with Doctor # 2.  She is so motherly and emits such a positive vibe.  She’s also very practical in her view of things.  I was asking her about Birth Plans – and she said, well, in other countries (she has also practiced in the UK) that is the norm but in Sri Lanka, not really.  Instead she advised me to keep my mind open, before we give birth we will see the position of the baby and her condition and what not and we will do the needful.  Which is just right – even for a control freak like me.  Haha!  She also simplified my pre-natal vitamin list! Haha!  And most of all, she loves laughing.  For those who know me and my hubby, you know how hard and loud we can both laugh right?  Perfect fit!  But really it was amazing for me to see a doctor who still gets awed by the sight of baby kicking.  And relish in the beauty of life.

Doctor #2 is Dr. Kamanie Mayadunne and she channels at Lanka Hospitals.  You may contact her secretary Hinesha for schedule at 0115431146.


  1. A new doctor this late in the game is always stressful! I remember I was 26 weeks pregnant coming to the US and part of my stress was leaving the OB that I had since the beginning of my pregnancy! But it all worked out and I loved the midwives that delivered both my girls!

  2. I know!!! Glad you had a wonderful experience with the midwives! I'm curious, how different are they from the doctors? Our birthing class teacher was a midwife in the UK and medyo na-tempt na ako to just ask her - ikaw nalang! And let's just do a home birth para tipid! Hahahaha!

  3. Hey how did it go? Me and the wife are visiting doc # 2 wondering if the Internet had any infor on her and came across your blog. We just picked her name at random :) I would love to hear an update on how it went if that's not too much trouble.


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