Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mama La Vida Lanka: Preparing for Birth Begins

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As we start our third trimester, hubby (although only attending the latter part of class due to work commitments) and I attended our first Birthing Class!  This class is one of the few birthing classes in Sri Lanka – and I would suppose the most well-known one.  It is lead by Mrs. Mohanie Ahangama, a lovely Sri Lankan lady who worked as a midwife in the UK for 20 years, came back to Sri Lanka and have been holding birthing classes locally for the last 20 years.  The module consists of five two-hour sessions that deal with different aspects of birth such as stages of labor, coping with birth, breastfeeding, baby care and newborn/child psychology. This is usually done within 6-7 months of pregnancy.  Her classes’ cycle renew monthly. 

We basically discussed birth today.  I’ve read about the three-stage process – although I’m not an expert but at least I could follow the discussion more quickly than if I was clueless (Duh! Haha!).  But there was something different when birth is being explained “live” – with a doll of course and sans the bodily fluids (yakidoo!).  Or maybe because it was done by a woman so passionate about the discussion.  No matter the reason, I was struck with a realization.  The birthing process is really the ultimate expression of the power of a woman.  The stages of labor are long and intensely painful – I could just imagine right? – but it is the most beautiful thing to physically bring a life into the world.  When I started with my pregnancy, somehow I felt weak.  I had a bad case of morning sickness for one.  During the first few scans we were afraid I would have placenta previa but thankfully the placenta positioned itself correctly.  I couldn’t wear heels (fashion’s sign of a fierce woman I must say).  I feel tired all the time.  I walk slow.  I’m careful not to carry heavy stuff.  I have to watch my diet more carefully.  It’s as if I became this sort of person that could not push myself the way I did in the past to do things (like run long distances?), accomplish work and be a productive citizen.  Moreover something was happening inside me – it seems that motherhood is all that matters now.  Not to say it is a profession for the “weak” – but it just felt strange not to feel so strongly about work or anything else for that matter anymore (power woman is usually attached to those who succeed in their careers).  But today, I realized amidst all the seeming “fragility” of my pregnancy, it was all but preparing me for the most intense experience of my life.  Of my womanhood. Of my motherhood.  Birth.

The course is conducted at Pulse Beat Gym, Pre & Post Birth Center.  They may be contacted through (11) 2595932, (11) 4514866, or  Aside from Pre-Birth Course for those within 6-7 months of their pregnancy, the center also offers a Pre-Birth course for those 3-4 months pregnant which basically deals with introduction to parenting, exercises, relaxation and meditation, sonic massage and developing bonding relationships between parents and baby.    


  1. The birth process is like a marathon and no matter how you feel now, you will miraculously find the power to push with all your might! And in any case, there is always the epidural! ;)

  2. Haha! Interesting metaphor! :-) Actually I just realized in today's class that the epidural is only for the early-mid stages of labor! I thought pati sa pushing and last stage of birth may pain reliever! HAHAHA!

  3. I love this post and I am interested to connect with Mrs. Mohanie Ahangama. it seems that her website is not working any more, could you please send me her contact? thanks

    1. Hi Mirjana! Glad you liked the post :) Her numbers are (11) 2595932, (11) 4514866. Are you in Colombo?


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