Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mama La Vida Lanka: Maternal Milks

One of the things that I really focus on in this journey to motherhood is getting the right nutrition for myself and baby.  The Career Wife has really stressed the importance of eating right – even lending me What To Eat When You’re Expecting.  My Ob-Gyne also prescribed a slew of prenatal vitamins that I drink at different times a day.  I actually appreciate this time because hubby and I have started to have a more balanced and nutritious meal.  I guess before baby came into the picture, we were just eating and not thinking about whether the meal is complete.  Now we really make sure that each dish has protein, cabs and veggies. We have started to lessen our dine-outs as well.  I just feel that cooking your own food is better because you know where you got it and what you put in it.  Of course we take a break from cooking and washing and treat ourselves to a dimsum buffet here or a Thai escape there.  Hehehe! 

One of the things that I knew I had to take is Maternal Milk.  As a mom-to-be you want the best for your baby and by drinking Maternal Milks, I feel that I am doing my best to get nutritional essentials such as calcium, DHA and Folate.  Some moms may think that pre-natal supplements are enough, but I learned in one nutrition training that the nutrition you get in milk has better “absorbability” than taking say calcium supplements alone.    

I am not exactly a milk drinker so make the experience an interesting one we must!  We alternate two products and flavors:  Anchor Pedia Pro Mama, Anmum Hazelnut Dream and Anmum Mango Vanilla.

The Anchor Pedia Pro Mama is only available in Sri Lanka.  I must say even if I am not a milk drinker, APP Mama is a yummy milky treat. 

Anmum Hazelnut Dream is only available in the Philippines and I have it “shipped” here through people who come from the Philippines or friends going to Singapore and meeting my Lankan colleagues!  The classic door-to-door!  This one doesn’t taste like milk at all and is just flavourful and nutty and tastes sooo sinful even when it is just the opposite!  The best of both worlds!

Hubby, during one of his trips to Indonesia also brought home Anmum Mango Vanilla. The flavourful aroma reminds me of a yummy Jonas Mango Milkshake!

More than its nutritional value, my maternal milk drinking is a bonding activity between hubby and I.  Because the best part of it is hubby lovingly prepares my maternal milk everyday. He is just the sweetest!  And baby and I feel the love.  That is what it is all about right?  The journey to healthy pregnancy is really a teamwork between mother and father.  And if you eat right, drink right and exercise right, a healthy and yummy pregnancy you will have!  Great for mommy’s figure, bonding with daddy and best for baby!  

*Maternal milks are also good for those who are TTC (trying to conceive). 

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