Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mama La Vida Lanka: The Bump Update


Here I am this morning just before going off to work strutting my baby bump.  Already towards the end of my 6th month!

I thought of taking a picture since friends and family have been asking about the bump, the pregnancy and our little growing family in general.  Aside from the bump growing this big, Luna has been very active inside – kicking and moving and whatnot. 

I’m feeling well generally.  As compared to the first trimester, the second one is heaven!  I do find it difficult to move about especially from a sitting to a standing position or from a lying down to a sitting / standing position.  The weight of my belly has taken a toll and I’m afraid what the last trimester will bring! I hope I can still move about as moving around has already slowed down!  The linea nigra and the belly button has started to pop out.  Two of my most dreaded physical manifestations of pregnancy!  I’m not that vain but these two things just look really weird.  Moreover, the belly button popping, is quite painful I must say.  I mean when you touch it, it’s quite sensitive.

My skin has somehow adjusted to the stretching – thank God for the reminder of friends and family to moisturize!  I use Urea Cream on my belly and a Bath and Body Works lotion on the rest of my body.  Skin itches a bit here and there (mostly the tummy) and I have to practice self-control or just stoke it above my clothes.

We’re also scheduled for some tests this weekend – specifically screening for Gestational Diabetes which they normally do around the 7th month.  So I’m really crossing my fingers that mine will turn out normal.  As I’ve been eating sweets more than I usually do.  Not a lot, just a bit more.  He he he!  In fairness it has been mostly fruits (sometimes I think I’ve turned into a fruitarian!), a bit of chocolates and cookies here and there.  So please pray for us!

Hubby is an angel as always, taking care of his girls perfectly.  He’s doing most of the cooking as I get too tired if I do both cooking and washing.  Since washing feeds my OC-ness and cooking feeds his passion, we have divided and conquered peacefully.  Once when I got back from Pre-Natal Yoga class, I saw him sitting at the dining table and poring over cookbooks and websites planning our weekly menu and grocery/market list.  Executive Chef ang dating!  And people at work always tell me I’m a lucky girl for having a hubby like that.  I am.  No doubt! 

There’ll be more activity happening on the pregnancy front especially as we’re entering the last stretch so there will surely be a lot of posts to follow!  Until the next update! 

Note: After 6 months and a dose of creative inspiration, I've changed the series title from Mommy Diaries to Mama La Vida Lanka :-) 


  1. Omg sweety! When it itches put some more urea!!! ACK!

  2. That's what I do sweety when I'm not in public. Haha!

  3. Hi i have just come across your blog. i am planning a trip to sri lanka this year but am having difficulty finding a reliable driver. we will be starting and commencing our trip in colombo. do you have any recommendations?
    thanks k

  4. Hi! Wow cool! When will you be in Sri Lanka? Where will you be going? Do you already have a car and will just need a driver or will you need both car and driver?


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