Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mama La Vida Lanka: Baby Registry

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I have been getting questions about what baby needs or when we will have a baby shower but it’s hard for me to answer those questions.  For one, we have revised our travel plans to Manila to just take the vacation when baby is born to fix her travel documents and have her baptism party.  Second, I think it’s a Filipino trait to say “ikaw na bahala” (it’s up to you) for fear of being too forward or demanding. 

But MyMommyology has a point when she discussed The Benefits of Baby Registries!  I also was able to get without hassle maternity stuff sent to me by my Tita/Ninang from Melbourne, Australia.  It was regular mail mind you and it only took a week!  Unlike in Manila, no need to go to the post office and bribe the person releasing the item. Hehehe! Not that I had an experience on it – luckily I just had to pay the minute amount listed when I got my notice.  But I digress.  

So, here is our Baby Registry!  

Most of the stuff here are “shippable” to my address directly by Amazon.  However I also placed some stuff that were not shippable but just to give you an idea what we need.  You may do what my Tita/Ninang did – got the stuff herself and just sent it over via regular mail.  If you plan to do that, just let me know so I can give you the necessary details.

For those kind hearted friends and family, here’s our Baby Registry then “kayo na ang bahala!  (it’s all up to you!). 


  1. Sweetie, are you having a baby shower in Colombo? I hope you are. If you were here in Manila, I could totally organize it for you - since I'm so busy bumming around :) If you sponsor my tickets to Sri Lanka, I'll go there to organize baby shower for you hehehe!

  2. Hey sweetie! I don't know eh... A friend of mine was happy to arrange but haven't seen her since Sinhala class which ended last June... Come here! Hahahaha!


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