Saturday, October 29, 2011

Virtual Insanity? Or my Virtual Laughter Therapy!

This is how we do it (taken during our wedding), with Ex-Corporate Slave at the background

One of the sure-ball cures to homesickness is laughter therapy.  Thank God hubby and I enjoy laughing out loud together.  There are a lot of comedic moments at work too and it’s fun laughing with my team.  But it is a huge treat if you do get some dose of laughter care of people whom you normally laugh with back home.

Let’s start with two of my favorite women in the world!  My mom and my best friend, the Ex-Corporate Slave

Where else will I get my laugh than from the woman who gave birth to me, right?  As in sometimes, when we’re talking on the phone and she laughs the person sitting next to me would hear it.  That’s how loud it can get! 

My best friend and I, as we would go walking around the village or hang out in the village park would really wake up the whole street because of our laughter.  We even got “kicked out” of a (noisy) Korean restaurant back in Manila because we’ve been laughing so hard (bah-humbug to that resto I must say!).

Aside from my favourite girls, when he’s in his comedic element, my brother, the Film Maker also cracks me up.  Even from miles away in down under Australia, struggling with his own bouts of homesickness (and growing up pains really), he can still put together words that just are plain funny (check out his personal blog and work blog specifically his profile).

He got that from my dad, the Grandpapi.  Who with his Facebook comment “hirits” crack me AND hubby up for just kidding my brother-in-law!  Craazy!  Thank God brother-in-law is a good sport! Haha!

Laughter is surely the best medicine – most especially for homesickness.


  1. awww! keep laughing! it's good for Luna too. she'll come out laughing! haha. :)

  2. hahaha! naku baka baby will be a weirdo na! at the start of my pregnancy I was emotional and irritable, then naging chillax lang and happy happy! hahaha! but i'd rather baby come out laughing!


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