Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thirty La Vida Lanka

As K, one of my greatest friends reminded me, this year, my 30th brought me excitement or anxiety – depending on where I was in life.  It brought me anxiety because I had my “timelines” or rather “deadlines” that by 30 I should be like this and that.  Excitement because at the end of the day, my “by 30” list was completed even before that and more. 

Turning 30, where I am now is quite bittersweet. 

Hubby and I on my birthday!
My 30th eco escape, The Ark at Matugama

One, I never thought I’d celebrate it away from my family and life long friends.  But I did say that I wanted to get married by 30.  I (surprisingly) did by 28.  And celebrated my 30th year with my man – the calming presence in my life, he who has made me happiest I’ve ever been in my life.  My husband.  Of course my mom woke me up with a call.  Just like home!

Me and my big fat belly with hubby and mates from work who came down to La Lanka

Two, I never thought I’d celebrate it pregnant!  I wanted to get married by 30 so I could get pregnant around that time.  They say the chances of getting pregnant go downhill from there.  I got pregnant at 29.  I will give birth at 30.  Why didn’t I think it would be a possibility?  Silly me!  It is an awesome birthday gift I swear.

The invite designed by hubby

Three, I never thought I’d celebrate it with a party, more so in Sri Lanka and around new friends.  I take it as a symbolic act of sorts.  Instead of feeling homesick and looking back on my birthday, I embraced that which is home (place and people) now.  But hubby brought both together – with a lovingly crafted scrapbook of birthday wishes from family and friends from the Philippines and beyond.  It was as if I celebrated it with family and friends after all!

The scrapbook cover

With lovely notes from friends


And of course hubby

K asked me how does it feel to be thirty?  I said, when I turned thirty, it’s like “ok lang.”  It just felt weird when I had to say I’m thirty to the nurse in the hospital (I had to get checked for extreme mosquito bites from our birthday eco-escape).  Imagine, for 10 years I’ve been saying “twenty-something,” now I start with a different number altogether.  It has arrived. 

But really, how does it feel?  Honestly, I’m 30, preggy and very much happy.  What more could I ask for?  A healthy and happy baby in a few weeks!    

Hubby brought me to The Ark at Matugama for a chillax birthday eco-retreat.  Check it out at 

Awesome Thai food was served during my birthday by Dao Sihanam, a Thai chef based in Sri Lanka.  Contact her at +94722165593 or +94779603760.


  1. Happy Turkey-eth birthday! :) So happy for you!

  2. Surpriiiiiiise! :D

    Happy happy happy 30th, luv! :)
    It seems like it was an awesome celebration you had. Si Pau pa! :) Home or away, what matters to us is you feel the love you know is always with you. ♥

    Love! /Wins

  3. Thanks Winsie!!! Aww... I know sweetie! I miss you!


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