Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mama La Vida Lanka: Baby Shopping La Vida Lanka Part 2

Armed with a comprehensive list and a budget to keep you from going astray, you’re now ready to Baby Shop La Vida Lanka!

These are the shops we have discovered and those that have recommended to us.  Enjoy!

If you want lovely linens, go to Elegant Smockers.  The pictures will just make you swoon.  For a time there I wanted to live in their store!  Thanks to M, my workmate who suggested this place.

You may have your whole nursery and smockers for baby (clothes in non-Brit English speak) customized!  Aside from the wonderful design (so absent from La Lanka unfortunately), they also have excellent customer service.  Their manager, Ms. Ksharma is lovely, lovely, lovely! 

Elegant Smockers Contact Details
25 Pamankada Road
Colombo 6

To get a wide array of Philips Avent products, check out MILK.  The owner I believe is the official distributor of Philips Avent in Sri Lanka so they have a good selection in the store.  They also have linens, toys and a huge selection of books!  If you want to take a break from your shopping, they have a vegan cafe that serves really nice pastries!

MILK Contact Details
12 Barnes Place, Colombo 7
(011) 2696286
Mondays - Saturdays, 10am - 630pm 

For general baby product needs, you have Bambino, Baby Mart and Kids Unlimited.

Bambino and Baby Mart would have more aesthetically appealing options as they mostly import from abroad.  They have a wide selection of Mothercare products.  Even Baby Mart has a nice selection of organic products such as organic top-to-toe wash and wipes.

We bought most of our stuff from Kids Unlimited because it was the first place that we saw.  It’s more “mass market” so the stuff are not exactly “nice.”  But you’ll manage.   

Bambino Contact Details
83 Galle Road
Bambalapitya, Colombo 4
0771 319 613

Baby Mart Contact Details
6 1/1 Visaka Road
Colombo 4
011 2500004; 011 4517765

Kids Unlimited Contact Details
Their biggest store is in Kohuwala but they also have an outlet along Duplication Road
75B Dutugemunu Street
011 4202824

Unfortunately you really can’t find everything here.  But fortunately, we were able to find a way!  Some are blessings literally as these were gifts.  Like the digital ear thermometers!  Thank you to Tita A for sending over some cute baby clothes together with the Braun Ear Thermometer.  My dad also offered to give us a nice stroller – the brands here are pretty limited or brandless.  We had a hard time finding a Medela Breastpump (we eventually found one in Bambino but it was not the one we wanted) so I contacted Medela Moms and Beng was so nice to answer my queries and helped when my dad made the purchase (thank God for involved Grandpapi’s!).    It’s also hard to find Diaper Covers but luckily I chanced upon Sunshine Babies and will be ordering from there.  There are no “decent” baby carriers here as well so we ordered from One Love Baby Carriers (a Filipina based in Thailand owns it!) and will have it delivered to Manila.  Luckily my mom’s coming over so she can bring these stuff for us.  Thank god for an involved and excited Lola!

At first when we started shopping, I felt a bit “depressed” as we couldn't seem to have a lot of options here.  But eventually we found these different places and realized you just need to look closer.  Some really will not be available locally but if it’s really critical, you will find a way to purchase it!

Shopping Baby La Vida Lanka was all about creativity and discovery! Enjoy! 

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