Sunday, November 27, 2011

Let’s Play The Birthing Game!

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Pregnancy and giving birth away from home could be a lonesome experience.  Imagine, for our VERY FIRST BABY we couldn’t even share the pregnancy journey to our family and friends.  We didn’t even do any of the baby shower traditions!  But thank God for today’s technology, somehow, even virtually we are able to share this wonderful milestone with all of you.

However, we want to further make our baby’s birth a community affair!  Inspired by MyMommyology, we would like to invite all of you our dear family and friends to join us in our BIRTHING GAME!

The objective is simple, you just have to correctly guess the following items:
  • When will our baby be born? DATE, DAY, TIME.
  • How long will the labor be? Please be kind to me and call out to the universe a quick one!  This is a tie-breaker question.

The person who correctly guesses (or the closest) will win a special gift from La Lanka!

Here are a few clues to help you:
  • I have 3 “due dates” (No Joke!):
    • Scan Due Date is on December 11
    • Due Date from the OB’s “Due Date Wheel Codigo” is on December 16
    • Computation based on a book I read is on December 16
  • They say baby is full term +/- 2 weeks from the due date.
  • Hubby’s birthday is on December 22 – together with his lolo and cousin.  He is secretly dreaming Luna’s birthday will be on the same day (what’s up with that?).
Some guidelines to keep things orderly:
  • You may enter a MAXIMUM of 5 entries!  If you enter more than 5, only your FIRST 5 entries will be considered.
  • You may start sending your entries NOW and voting will close on December 10, 11:59pm Colombo Time (this is at +5:30 GMT or -2.5 hours vis a vis Manila) or just before we leave for the hospital – whichever comes first!
  • Post your entries as a COMMENT on this post or e-mail me.

So it’s that easy!  Katuwaan lang!  So what are you waiting for?  Send in your guesses now!


  1. DECEMBER 8, 2011
    AT 6 AM

  2. Feast of the Immaculate Conception! Cool :-) I like the date of that! Hahaha!

  3. Parang ang layo pa ng December 16. I'm hoping for little Luna to have the same birthday as me, so December 2 it is! 10am. 5 hours.

  4. Wow that's tomorrow already! Haha! Advanced happy birthday Tita Katia :-)

  5. I would say it would be on Dec. 12 at 7:15 pm after 4.5 hours of labor.

  6. December 16, 6:00 AM
    3 hours labor

  7. I say Dec 15... just because. :)

    (actually dahil payday yan. Para siguradong may pambayad sa ospital. hahahahah! kidding!)

  8. Hello Anonymous! Thanks for leaving your entry! Let me know who you are so if you win I know to whom I give the prize :-)

  9. Candice! December 16 - start of Simbang Gabi! :-)

  10. Tippie girl! Pwede! Haha! Pero dito once a month lang ang payout ng sweldo! Hahahaha!

  11. Wait... totoo bang pwede and FIVE ENTRIES?!? Sige lang!!

    Dec 15 5pm, 3 hours of labor
    Dec 16 2pm, 3 hours of labor
    Dec 17 10am, 3 hours of labor
    Dec 18 6am, 3 hours of labor
    Dec 8 2pm, 3 hours of labor *dahil over achiever ka, big chance na early si Luna hehe. And ang swerte niya kasi walang pasok pag birthday niya heehee!

    I'm putting everything on 3 hours of labor para super positive thinking!!! Gosh how exciting Ta in just a few more days you and hubby with be parents! I am praying for you! Is your mom there na???

  12. December 13, 2AM, para magkabirthday kami :) And around that time din ako pinanganak.
    3 hours of labor

  13. Diplo Wife! You are so kind with the 3 hours of labor :-) HAHAHA! I'm doing Yoga everyday to make that happen! HAHAHAHA :-) Gusto ko rin ng December 8! Pero parang steady girl ito, mana kay Pau! Ang tagal nya lumabas promise. Or I'm just impatient. I mean wala pa nga sa due date! HAHAHAHA!

  14. Ninong Jo! Wow talaga? Sige para holy din siya, magkabirthday kayo :-)

  15. Haha I will try to guess :P Will copy thediplowife and post my 5 guesses :P

    December 10, Saturday, 9 am
    December 12, Monday, 12 noon
    December 15, Thursday, 8 pm
    December 17, Saturday, 7 am
    December 21, Wednesday, 10 am

    Labor: Depends on what you'll count...
    a) 12 hours of labor- including the onset of labor where you'll still be able to run and jump and do normal things. My contractions started in the morning and didn't feel pain till late afternoon.

    b) 6 hours - Just the number of hours when you get to the hospital and the "real" contractions start till you give birth.

    So excited for you!!!! Mwah!!!

  16. Using my esper talents...

    December 14, 2011... 5 hours of labor.

    I'll be claiming my prize now.

  17. My guess.. Dec 10, 6pm :) Hehehe..


  18. Thanks Els! I'll count the "B" definition of labor :-)

  19. Haha! Ninong ang kulit mo! Miss you bro!


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