Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mama La Vida Lanka: Sonic Massage

photo borrowed from valentina powers on flickr

I first encountered “Sonic Massage” from a former colleague and good friend, K.  He is a trained Physical Therapist and I was kidding him to massage my head when I had a headache.  He put his hand on my head with a little bit of pressure and was kidding me that it was what you call a “Sonic Massage.”  I encountered the term again while I was at child birth class as the material discussed it.  It was totally not what K told me, haha!  Rather it was more about sounds babies feel in the womb.  They say that mid-way through pregnancy, babies would “hear” their mother’s voice through the amniotic fluid.  As babies reach 24 weeks they can even recognize music and can even remember pre-natal music once they are born.  What is more surprising is that babies not only hear their mother’s voice but can FEEL it as sounds reverberate in the womb and produces waves.  But not all kinds of sounds “massages” the baby.  The material also discusses that “MMM” sounds or humming sounds reflect a particular kind of energy that energizes and soothes. 

It was a wonderful discovery because since the start of my pregnancy I’ve been chanting as part of my Yoga practice!  NNN --- AAAA --- YUUU --- MAAA.  So all these weeks I’ve actually been massaging our baby!  Waaay cool!  I thought baby would be very active whenever I exercise, however I discovered that she’s pretty still when I do yoga except when I’m in Savasana (I don’t know why though), and meditating on my heart chakra, warmth and love overflowing to my womb enveloping our baby or when I draw in the Universe’s Prana breathing into my womb – baby seem to excited with all of these good vibes!  Sonic massage was the reason why!  Baby gets relaxed!

Birthing Class Module of Mrs. Mohanie Ahangama
Pulse Beat Pre & Post Natal Center
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Telephone: 4514866 / 2595932

If you want to do some chanting, whether preggy or not, check out Aurora Yoga Studio



  1. Is the Savasana the pose when you're somewhat upside down? If it is, I was told that basically because they know that they're supposed to be head down, so when you do that you actually confuse their "center of gravity" so they try to wiggle to fix it. Something like that. I don't know if it's true! A pre-natal yoga teacher said that to me before!

  2. Oh no I don't think we can be upside down in Prenatal Yoga :-( Savasana is the Corpse Pose (or my favorite pose hahahahahaha!). When you're not pregnant it's when you're lying down on your back, arms resting on your side with palms up. If you're pregnant, you lie on your side in a manner comfortable to you :-) Even if I'm not doing Yoga though, baby is so active when I'm lying on my side. Not all the time but still quite active! Did you experience that too?


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