Monday, November 14, 2011

Mama La Vida Lanka: Baby Kicks

Whoa!  Photo borrowed from

One of the most surreal things about being pregnant is feeling baby’s movements.  It’s weird because sometimes I don’t “feel pregnant” at all!  But when baby kicks or moves then you definitely know somebody is there inside of you that is alive and kicking, pardon the pun.  I like having hubby touch my tummy when this happens because it’s something he’ll never experience himself and I just want to share the wonder.  And boy does it amaze hubby every time!  What’s not to be amazed about?  Together we have created a life, it is growing inside of me and you can actually feel it!  It’s real!  Hubby, out of his concern asks if it is painful.  Actually it is not.  It’s just that sometimes when the kicks and movements get wild it surprises you out of your wits and distracts you from what you’re doing!  But I relish those moments because I know when baby’s kicking, she’s a-ok!  


  1. Tala! I love reading about how happy you guys are about being parents! ^__^


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