Saturday, November 19, 2011

Treats from Down Under!

What I’ve experienced living in Sri Lanka is my world expanding and also getting more connected.  The proverbial e-mail, Facebook and Skype have helped made this big world more accessible but so has the good old registered mail. 

You’ll just get surprised what you get in the mail really. 

One day I got maternity treats from Tita A from Australia!  Belly Belts and Bando are life savers for a growing belly and a shrinking budget?  Haha!
More goodies from Tita A came!  This time for baby – some funky dresses care of baby’s Tita C and one of the most high-tech thermometers I’ve ever seen. 
For the goodies – Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

What do you know, you get something else.  A nice Gustav Klimt postcard from baby’s Ninong A, my brother the Film Maker. 

In this day and age of technological breakthroughs, don’t discount what you get from the old school registered mail.  Because it just might be what you need, wrapped in love!


  1. Cool! Yes that Braun thermometer is a life-saver! They say that the most accurate temp reading is the rectal one, but I could NOT bear the thought of doing it myself! Buti nalang may Braun haha! Accurate ear-temp reading in a sec! pwedeng commercial ad ba?

  2. Rectal??? Good luck! Hahaha! Yes, pwedeng pang commercial! :-)


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