Friday, February 17, 2012

The 2 O' Clock Traffic

This is how Havelock Road looks like at around 2pm from our balcony.  Compared to Manila traffic it’s nothing but this is quite busy already in Colombo.  It’s dismissal time in school and lunch time for most.  Yes you read it right, they eat lunch when we’re almost ready to take merienda.  

I can’t believe we only have 6 months to take in this view.  It makes me overly sentimental.  If you read my first few posts and my latest ones, you know I’ve come a long way through.  I am no longer that newly-wed, anxious about not having work but embracing the housewife world girl who came here in 2010.  Around this time (2pm) at the last quarter of 2010, I would probably be coming home from Sinhala class, or occasionally having lunch with Sinhala classmates or going out to buy groceries or taking a nap (back then I re-discovered the pleasures of siesta).  In 2011, I probably am one of the few who are working in the office as most of them are in the canteen having lunch or waiting for my next meeting which will be after officemates come back for lunch.  Today, I’m usually at home taking my nap as it’s Luna’s sleepytime too (needless to say, I’ve re-discovered once again the power of the afternoon nap) or blogging, or reading, or even cooking or more like prepping what hubby will cook (you gotta work with the “free” time you have, i.e. Luna’s sleepy time).  

Since moving to Sri Lanka, my 2pm have been so totally different from 2010, 2011 and 2012.  I wonder what my 2pm will be like by the last quarter of this year.  Where will we be then? 


  1. I don't know what to say. Maybe because we're in the "same place" at this point in time? Sooo much has changed yes? And so much change is still to come. Ay. Anyway - can super relate...

    *and yes, "who ever said sleep when the baby sleeps" probably never had a baby right? hahaha. how can you sleep with everything that needs to get done?

    1. Diba? I actually just realized that we "only" have 6 months left here when I told you... Or maybe I should change my attitude to we "still" have 6 months! Haha! So much to do / see!

      On the sleep when baby sleeps, I know right? But I'm trying to discipline myself to actually do that for at least her 2pm naptime :-) But the other naptimes, diyos ko time to do stuff! Or maybe kaya naman if you have maids and nannies galore :-) Haha!


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