Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines La Vida Lanka

Valentines, big deal right?  But I guess somehow it is a big deal for me.  Hubby and I have a funny Valentine history.  Our very first was in 2009, it was kind of frustrating because I was planning a nice out of town trip but hubby (then BF) turned it down because he promised (and whatever he promises he keeps!) to join his Rugby team for a game (SERIOUSLY! I don’t forget!).  So ok, in as much as I’m hurt (really!) and all, this being the FIRST Valentine’s day ever for us well, I gave in to a compromise.  We had an awesome lunch in Aubergine then we went to the Rugby game.  Well at least we spent the whole day together, right?  Still to this day I couldn’t believe what the he was thinking then!  But he more than made up for it for every single occasion thereafter and even the everyday.

The one after that, well (insert call a friend i.e. hubby) we went to Clark, Pampanga for the Hot Air Balloon Festival.  And of course we just had to have lunch at C! super yummy Italian restaurant.  Can’t believe how that escaped my memory!

Our very first Valentines as husband and wife, well I was away on business.  I made up for it by arranging lunch and a relaxing massage later at Casa Colombo and Spa Ceylon Ayurveda (also in Casa Colombo).

This year was special because it was the first time since the time my mom came to Colombo for my delivery that we would have a “just us” date.  We celebrated it with a simple dinner and coffee and dessert after at The Old Dutch Hospital (will do a post on this later, the place reminded me, though not exactly, of Chijmes in Singapore).  We had dinner at Brewery by O! and coffee and dessert at Heladiv Tea Club, the only 2 food places we haven’t tried there. 

The dinner was nice, nothing gastronomical and it even reminded me of “pulutan” food (food you munch on when you’re drinking) but it was good nonetheless. 

Hubby's Fish and Chips



What’s interesting about it is they serve imported beers!  These are what Hubby and I tried…

And I totally enjoyed Hoegaarden!  It was light and smooth.  As always, I already have a buzz with the first (and only) bottle.  That’s what happens when you don’t drink for 9 months and you are not really a “drinker” anyways plus you breastfeed.

There was also a “band” playing that night.  “Band” because it was more like karaoke music – yes the actual SOUND of the karaoke!  With the “pulutan” food and the sounds, it made me feel like I’m in a beer garden instead of a pub.  So totally against its “equity.”  Plus they should have ditched the free rose and heart-shaped balloon decor!  Cheesy for a pub!  Haha! 

In as much as the elements of the place did not jive, we still enjoyed it because well I had a buzz (and I’m funny that way) and we usually enjoy just being with each other (cheesy!) – duh. 

We capped off the night with Death by Chocolate and Lattes! 

I totally enjoyed just being with hubby – you know just us.  It’s been a while!  We usually take Luna Lakwatsera around and don’t get me wrong she is a joy to be with but before our party of three it was just hubby and I. I believe in a marriage “us” time is sacred – even with kids and all.  But I also found myself having a heavy heart "prepping" her (or me) about what's to happen that night (lessons learned from the first night hubby and I were both out albeit separately) and eventually saying goodbye to my little rosebud (and her “don’t leave me” eyes).  We also found ourselves watching a video I took of her early that day during our date.  When we got home, she was not fussy, a bit antsy though and still awake.  She was waiting for our return.  Shortly thereafter, she knew her nanay and daddy are home, she then went to sleep.  I joined her soon while hubby worked until 2:30am (back to normal!). 

And that’s how we spent Valentines La Vida Lanka.


  1. We drink Hoegaarden here at home :-) We bough an entire box to last us for months! Hahahaha! But I do prefer sweet cider beers. Glad to know you celebrated V-Day!

  2. its nice to see my old friend. :) hope youre having a grand time there. nicely written articles

    1. Maundy!!! I miss you!!! How are you?

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