Thursday, February 9, 2012

Service Surprise La Vida Lanka

During my first few months here I was quite disappointed with the level of service that is present here in Sri Lanka.  They are nice people, very kind and even-tempered but their customer service sucked.  The state of customer service remained the same or maybe reached an “acceptable” level as we lived here longer and experienced more moments needing some help whether it be while shopping, dining or getting things fixed.   

So imagine my surprise when we got an amazing service by Abans (one of the biggest appliance supplier in Sri Lanka).  Our experience of their service in the past was very frustrating.  One major repair we had was the refrigerator that took a good month and a half to get it to its full working condition – not to mention the numerous follow-ups and the broken promises (they said they will pick up the unit at a particular day and time but did not).  But just last weekend we were in for a treat.  Our washing machine broke down Friday evening.  It is a horrible thought not having a working washing machine especially if you’re cloth diapering and your baby is a nappy killer (haha!).  I was bracing myself for another frustrating debacle with the whole repair process.  The next day I searched for the number of Abans Customer Service and was quite surprised to see that they have a 24-hour customer service hotline.  Wow.  Unheard of!  Anyway I was still a bit weary because it was national day and even Odel, the biggest shopping mall was closed but I tried it anyway.  There was no answer.  Typical.  Then I got a phone call from the hotline.  They said they will send a technician within an hour.  Really?  I’m already impressed.  The technician came truly within an hour!  Now I’m really, really impressed!  He fixed the unit right there and then.  He couldn’t quite explain what was the issue with his limited English but told us it is working now and if it breaks down again they will have it picked up and repaired in their warehouse.  Fair enough.  Now, almost a week later it is still working crossing my fingers it will not break down anymore!  Plus we didn’t even get ripped off as they have a constant fee of Rs. 1,500 (around Php600) for the home visit in our area. 

I’m surprisingly happily serviced la vida Lanka!

If you are in Colombo and your appliance is need of repair, here are Abans’ 24-hour Customer Service Hotlines:

Refrigerator and A/C: 0712514514
Other Appliances: 0714557557

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