Monday, July 25, 2011

Celebrating Our First Wedding Anniversary La Vida Lanka!

They say when you get married to someone, you’ll get to see so much of the person like you’ve never had before (no matter how long the relationship was) – mostly said by my girl friends with a roll of the eyes!  When hubby and I got married, we moved to Sri Lanka, just the two of us, no family, no nothing.  And it was a great backdrop to see just what kind of person is this that I married.

After a hearty anniversary degustation dinner at Chesa Swiss

I discovered that one, he gets irritated when after taking a bath I put the wet towel on the bed.  Hello, it will dry up anyways!  Second, he also gets irritated when I don’t re-cap my shower gel, shampoo and conditioner after using.  So that it’s easy to use next time I take a bath!  That’s my OC hubby! Haha!  But, he also has his share of un-OCness.  First, he likes keeping plastic/paper bags.  See when hubby goes Christmas shopping, he just asks for more paper bag from the store so that it’s easier for him to wrap his presents in.  And it’s free gift wrapping I must say!  But the store tends to give more than what he needs, and it gets stored up in the cabinet for YEARS.  And he doesn’t want me to throw them away…  Second, what he buys from the grocery/market, he forgets to use/eat.  That leaves us with rotten stuff and a waste of good money!  Upto me to clean the refrigerator!  Third, he uses our house as a filing cabinet for his office stuff.  When he brings home files (hubby loves working anytime, anywhere… even in the, you know!), he intends to fix them in binders at home.  But forgets to deal with it.  I’ve already offered my services to do the filing for him! 

So did I marry the right guy?

I also discovered that my husband does not complain.  Even if I nag him!  This is such a new thing for me because it takes a lot of swooning for my brothers to do something for you.  Hehehe!  Even if you don't ask him to, when he knows you need it, he will do it: he lovingly prepares me my pre-natal milk, packed snacks and lunch.  I also discovered that he is able to cook for a week’s meal, wash the dishes, work, go on a business trip and take care of me without going berserk.  I would have been the #1 biatch for the week if I were faced with such a task.  Streeesss!  And he has the ability to find greater love for me everyday in spite of who I am.  I am not a bad person, but I always tell him he’s a much better person than I.  And it makes me wonder how could I have been blessed with a husband like him? 

And everyday, in as much as I discover the little quirks about him – these just endear me more to him.  What I find is that everyday, there is something I discover about him that makes me love him more. To my hubby, happy first anniversary!  “You are God’s most precious gift to me.  And I am lucky to find you, know you and love you.”    


  1. OMG! My hubby also LOVES plastic / paper it a guy thing?

    Happy 1st anniversary to T and P!

  2. Goodness me, has it been a year already?

    Happy first anniversary to the inspiring and irrepressible Mrs. O and the unflappable Mr. O!

    Many more years of love and joy for my favorite dynamic duo! (Soon to be a trio!)

    Hugs and kisses,

  3. Didi! It must be a guy thing! Haha! Thanks for the anniversary greetings roomie!

  4. Thanks Char! I miss you! Hugs and kisses too sweetie!

  5. Both of you are amazing people, but I do agree that cooking for 1 week, prepping for business travel, etc. is an AMAZING feat. I don't think I can do it myself. I always tease TD and tell him about these things mr. o does, but we both know that TD is amazing at other things. We all have our quirks (I'm a emotionally high maintenance diva) and that 2 people get married and stay married is one of the miracles of life. Congratulations to the 2 of you!!

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  8. Of course TD is AMAZING and I am so happy (and relieved!) that you married him! Hahaha! :-) He is lucky to have married you too! I am so happy we both found the right guy for us - another miracle of life. After the kinds of men in our lives, right? We ended up with the most amazing for us! HAHAHA!


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