Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mama La Vida Lanka: What's Your Guess?

I just realized that it is not long before we hit the 20th week mark.  Which means that we are halfway through!  This means two things for us:

1)   On the not-so-positive side, towards the end of our first trimester we found out that my placenta was low (ergo some slight bleeding) but at that point not to worry.  The key point is to see if the placenta’s position improves by the 20th week.  In most pregnancies it does, however if it does not, a possible placenta previa might be diagnosed.  If it has not improved, we will have to re-look my activity level and have no choice but to deliver via CS.

2)   The 20th week (roughly 5th month) scan allows you to see baby’s gender! Woohoo! 

So let’s focus on happy thoughts…

Photo courtesy of kristin_a on flick
We are totally excited to know.  Don’t count on me to wait till we give birth! Patience is not exactly one of my best virtues!  A few people have their own thoughts:

-       My husband, in as much as he is open to either, wants a girl since he grew up in a brood of 3 boys
-       My mom and brother both had a dream that baby is a girl
-       I was Skyping with my brother when our laundry and iron manang passed by and saw me – she also says it is a girl
-       My office seatmate, upon seeing my baby bump said it looks like a girl
-       I myself had a dream about baby, that she’s a girl (with a beautiful singing voice at that!)
-       Yet baby could also be a boy because (get ready to be grossed out) I see a mysterious growth of baby hair on my stomach… testosterone?

So you, what do you think?

Note: After 6 months and a dose of creative inspiration, I've changed the series title from Mommy Diaries to Mama La Vida Lanka :-) 


  1. A little boy! Para lang I'd go for the underdog. Haha. Let us know the soonest! :)

  2. Hahahaha! Pwede rin! Of course we will make the announcement as soon as possible! :-)

  3. Omygosh of course he/she is going to have the most beautiful voice... after all you do!!!


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