Saturday, July 16, 2011

Running in the Rain

I woke up to a rainy Colombo today.  Thank God for rain! It has been dry for a couple of months now and the heat was just too exhausting for my pregnant body.  Otherwise, I love the sun! I love sunbathing in the beach and just enjoying the sunny weather.  Except when I run.

When I learned that you wouldn’t actually get sick when you run in the rain (thanks to my cousin J and my coach J – two totally different persons both refuting my mom’s nervous qualms about running in the rain), there was a newfound appreciation for the “bed weather.”  I loved running in the rain because I feel like I can conserve my energies more.  If it’s too hot, I feel like it drains the life out of me.  Bad for long runs!  Also there is just a certain kind of strange mystery and appeal that comes from a surrounding refreshed by nature.  And there is also that wonderful sensation of being kissed by the rain while you swish through the wet ground.  And because for the longest time I couldn’t go running in the rain (mom would stop me and tell me all of these scary things that can happen to you turning into a gremlin and all), there is a sense of freedom of actually being able to.

It wasn't raining then but good old memories of running!

But no, of course I did not run today.  I’ve been feeling under the weather for the last couple of days lately.  Plus of course let us not forget my pregnant belly!  Today just made me miss running and my life as a runner.  The last time I seriously stuck with a program was just before I got married.  And that wasn’t even the kind of intense training when you prep for a big race!  I just miss checking out for races and tips and other running stories.  It happened to be the first blog that I really watched out for!  In as much as running has been such a social outlet (just to be seen at races), I guess that’s better than being in a place where running has not gained much traction.  No weekly races at all! It has its social purposes as well of course, I miss an early morning run with my girlfriends C and W followed by a breakfast date.  But it was also an outlet for me – a kind of balancing factor – in my otherwise stressful life.  I have yoga but it doesn’t give the kind of high I get from running.

Just rambling on what this weather has made me think… So running, until we meet again!  Next time to lose the baby weight maybe?


  1. Ooh! you have to teach me to run! I want to learn, haha.

  2. I would love for you to share your passion for running as well Ta!

  3. Jen! Haha! How I wish I could! I'm afraid I would injure you though! But there should be running clubs in the US! Join one :-) Or just run! Haha!

  4. Hey Diplo Wife! Let's run! :-) After I give birth ha? Haha!


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