Saturday, June 2, 2012

Elephant Dundee!

It’s a merry traveling month of May for the whole family!  
My folks - yes both of them yay! - were here for a short vacay.
First up - the Elephant Orphanage at Pinnewala.

I didn’t expect it would be as “raw” as this!  I thought it would be like a “zoo” type or a “farm” type of a place.  But not at all!  When we got there a bit late and missed the feeding time.  You have to be there at least by 9am to catch it and goes on for 30 minutes or so.
Then they take a bath.  And this is the coolest thing ever.
You know in my almost 2 years of living in Sri Lanka, I would “normally” see elephants on the road.  Not as “free” as the cows but something I wouldn’t chance upon in the Philippines, unless it ran away from the circus like what happened a few years back... 
But I digress.
Ok, so after we bought the ticket, the elephants were being lead to the nearby river to take a bath.  And they were crossing the street!  Now you wouldn’t see that everyday!
Photo courtesy of Nanalou-razzi!
Some just had to “go” on the street - this is how big their dung is like.  Crazy!

Then they bathed like there was no tomorrow...

Even with foreign tourists watching...

And kids on a field trip. CUTE!

And almost getting in a fight... Whoa. Chillepantes!

One even passed us by... on the way back.


But pretty cool.

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