Saturday, June 9, 2012

What Matters Most Livin La Vida Lanka?

It is confirmed.

It’s bye bye Lanka end of this month.  And hello Singapore.

It’s earlier than expected.

But for a very good reason.

Kudos to hubby for his promotion to the regional category team!

I’ve prayed to my dearest saints for this.

And he got it.

I am beyond proud!

But a part of me is in deep sorrow.

More like uber regretful.

I feel like I have not maximized my Lanka life.  I should have gone to more places.  Done more things.  Ate more of their food. 

I’m scared too.

Starting a new.  Leaving the home that we’ve built here. 

BUT, as the song in Rent The Musical goes “FORGET REGRET --- OR LIFE IS YOURS TO MISS… THERE’S NO DAY BUT TODAY."

So, instead of moping for not completing my List La Vida Lanka and this and that, I want to close off Livin’ La Vida Lanka – both the blog and the real life – the right way.

Darrah Parker in The Slice of Life Project taught me how to look at my life and see what really matters.  That plus a laser coaching session with ze Coachman Erich inspired me to use that perspective in “closing” our Lanka adventure.

So I invite you to join me in truly celebrating what matters most in Livin’ La Vida Lanka! 

1 comment:

  1. You're closing the blog?! You're opening another one, yes?

    Oh my gosh, I cannot believe this is your reality and who knows, soon to be mine. I FEEL YOU!!! Ever single bit!

    Naiiyak ako reading this!


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