Saturday, June 30, 2012

Moving On...

By the time you read this, we would have already arrived at our next home: Singapore.  But right now, I’m writing this on our very last full day in Sri Lanka as residents.  I’ve never been this sad moving to a new place.  Before I left Manila, I have been living there for most of my life and itching to go because I have been missing my hubby terribly.  In Sri Lanka I feel we have just settled, we have just made it home then we leave.  Plus all the huge milestones in my adult life happened here!  Last Wednesday, the packing was done, the movers have pulled out our stuff and the shipment all set and ready to go, as I was watching our container van leave for the port, I felt like I was watching a funeral. 

Our life in Sri Lanka, all boxed up and it is over.  As I said in my Facebook update, I am beyond sad.

BUT in 10 days I will see that “box” again – in a different place with a new set of possibilities that lie ahead.  Exciting times are yet upon us again!  How can we be so lucky?

In my sadness there is also a lot of gratefulness – for the grace-filled almost 2-years in Sri Lanka.  I’ve never felt so blessed!  And I am hopeful that the gifts will overflow even to our next destination.  I have so many learnings – about myself, about living in a different country, about life in general – that I am just excited to unwrap and apply.  In the process there is always growth and the moves have “forced” me to grow up.

In as much as there is a deep sorrow beyond sadness, deep in my heart I also know and understand it is time to go.  I am feeling my feelings but I am also going with the flow.  And that’s the big lesson Sri Lanka has taught me.  Go with the flow and trust: Surrender, Discover, Create.

At the end of the day what matters most is that we’re doing this together – hubby, Luna and me.  And wherever in the world we may be, that is just where I want to be.

This blog will remain open to those who need information on life in Lanka and because I want it to forever live on.

But I will be moving on to a new platform of expression!

As most of you know, I have my own site myself!  For reflection and inspiration to cultivate vitality, check out

So as they say here: we’ll make a move and see you next in Singapore! 

As they say here too: I will go and come.  (I'll be baaaack!)

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