Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Island Explorer La Vida Lanka Part 1

Because our great friend The Island Explorer came to town, we did what we most wanted to do: visit Dambulla + Sigiriya.  

I first heard about Sigiriya when Ian Wright did his show Globe Trekkers on Sri Lanka.  The story is that there was this prince who killed his father to be the king.  He was so paranoid that his brothers would plot the revenge of their father's death that he situated himself and his palace upon a rock fortress: enter Sigiriya.

The Sigiriya Rock Fortress
I don't know with you but if you've situated yourself on top of that rock, well, it is indeed difficult to get to you.

The Island Explorer at the Base - the farthest I could climb, for now!

I didn't.  I could only climb upto the base of the rock - I don't want it to be another Ulsanbawi experience.  When we were in Korea, we climbed Ulsanbawi and for the next couple of days I couldn't walk straight.  It sucked because our next location was the city of Seoul.  Imagine feeling like 80, body aching walking through the city.  But I digress.

Plus the hornets freaked me out.  Yes there are bees flying around.

Plus the wind was terrifying.

Ok now you know I am afraid of heights.

I want to say it here, when we come back for Luna's 7th birthday or something, we will get to the top.  Promise.  

Back to the story, I was intrigued about it but what surprised me more was the view.  From that height (the base) you would just gasp and say, "Look at my beautiful kingdom."  It was a-ma-zing.

The Island Explorer climbed to the top and showed us his pictures.  It was more than amazing.  There was a "proper" "castle" up there!  They were ruins of course but it was crazy finding a pool from that height.  

After that we had our dinner at the beautiful Vil Uyana.  It's a short drive from Sigiriya and such a cozy, posh and polished Sri Lankan look.  At USD300 a night, it was way beyond our budget so the strategy with those kinds of places are eat there! Wohoo!  The food was great as with the service.

We stayed in Heritance Kandalama, this one nearer Dambulla.

It's one of the premier eco-hotels in the country but it's a full-blown hotel as opposed to Vil Uyana which has a more resort-y feel.

The next day we went to Dambulla Cave.  Gosh, another climb!  But not as high as Sigiriya.  It has a beautiful ancient temple with beautiful temple art on its walls.  These would date back to thousands of years ago!  It's pretty amazing too!

During this trip, The Island Explorer was struck at how beautiful Sri Lanka is.  Of course we, hubby and I, know about these places already but it's different actually going to these locations.

Sigiriya and Dambulla are in one area so if you want to see them both, better if you allot at least 3 days for the trip for a leisurely experience.  We only did it for 2 days which was quite a blitz but we were still able to appreciate it.  Kudos to Luna our little trooper!

The area reminds me of Seam Reap, Cambodia.  As The Island Explorer would say, Uma-Ankor or Cuma-Cambodia.  Hmmm... I it has this chillax feeling but you know around it greatness lies.

We were also planning a trip to the ancient kingdoms of Pollonarua and Anuradhapura but The Island Explorer wanted to go to the hills (Hatton) and the sea (Galle).

More on our adventures with The Island Explorer next!

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