Friday, October 15, 2010

Bavaria in Sri Lanka

Who would have thought that there could be a really good German pub in the heart of Colombo?  You don’t have to think too hard, just think Bavarian.  In celebration of Oktoberfest or just to chill out on a Saturday night for dinner and drinks, off to the Bavarian hubby and I went.

First off, drinks!  Hubby went all-German (NOT!) and ordered Carlsberg (really Danish-owned) and I tried Passionfruit Mojito.  Such a wonderful discovery.  It was AWESOME!  I like it better than the original Mint.

Then for two hearty stomachs: the biggest burger in town and a good-old steak.  Both were so huge but so yummy!  We have enjoyed re-made leftovers by hubby.  ‘Nuff said!

That's how THICK the burger was!

The vibe was really chill, one of the places in Colombo that are frequented by mostly foreigners (at least during our visit).  Plus there was a local folk singer who could do a really good John Mayer cover!

It was like being transported to a different place.  Like Bavaria?

Bavarian is at 11 Sir Mohamed Macan Markar Mawatha, Colombo 3.  Just opposite Galle Face Hotel. 



  1. Thanks for the review and pictures. We were hoping to find a decent beef burger today!
    We'll try The Bavarian.

  2. Yes! The Bavarian is one of the best :-) In On The Green is good too (right across Bavarian). Cricket Club is good value for money! You'd be surprised at how many yummy burger joints are actually in La Lanka! Haha!


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